Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Parisian Roses

What kind of animal would I be if I didn't take the time to write a little something about Paris.? (No animal I would want to be friends with, that's for damn sure.) Oh Paris. Where do I start? All the clich s you've ever heard- well they're true. Paris is a magical place for reasons that aren't always explainable. They're felt. Sure I can point out the obvious like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Lovers Bridge, The Arc of Triomphe, Laduree on Champs Elysees (that's right, Laduree is right up there because their macarons and sweet treats are what dreams are made of!) But it's the feeling of Paris that makes even the most mundane activities seem romantic and like they should be filmed for the slow motion sequence of your life. There is romance in the air all the time and it's intoxicating. And when I say romance I don't just mean the feeling of wanting to get all PDA with your sig other in front of perfect strangers, I 'm referring to a deep romantic feeling about life. Everything is more meaningful, more whimsical. You can spend hours sitting at the corner cafe having a cappuccino in the middle of the day just admiring the beautiful quintessential Parisian architecture. I mean, I can't even tell you the endless amount of pictures I took of just buildings. Beautiful Parisian buildings. And I say to the U S of A: why can't you be more like Paris!?

One of the highlights of my trip started the night we arrived. As we drove thru the city to our next flat I noticed an oversized sculpture in a building as we drove by. It looked the work of Ron Mueck- an amazing artist who's realisticI loved everything! The cobblestone streets, the cafes on every corner, and the endless number of Patisserie's who sole purpose for existing is to provide you with another reason to miss Paris (and maybe start working out again- note to self) I became obsessed because it combined all the things I love about New York City with the charm & romance of Paris. The hustle & bustle, the culture, the museums, the shopping, the food.. I loved it all! It goes without saying that I loved the food and it made up for 50% of my love for this gorgeous city. The crepes, the buckwheat savory pancakes, the cheese, the bread, the fondue, the cheese.. did I mention the cheese? I was introduced to some amazing cheeses that I can't wait to go back home and buy the hell out of! The tarts, the pastries, the macarons, the chocolate! It was a food lover's paradise! I even had the most amazing Japanese dinner of my life at this little place called Takara (do yourself a favor and stop in when you're in Paris, it's on Rue Moliere. It's the oldest Japanese restaurant in Paris- opened in 1958). It was a tiny place, with outstanding service, the waitresses wore kimonos and their food was amazingly authentic and delicious. I'm getting sad as I type this because I know it will be a very long time before I eat there again. #missitalready #fattyproblems

The shopping was also amazing! Just like NYC. Their store Galeries Lafayette was seriously the biggest and most beautiful department store I've ever been to. Every designer you can think of and a food wing with small restaurants and stores that sold spices, oils, meats & cheeses. I would have gladly moved in to this one stop shop of fanciness. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention another one of the highlights- our visit to Disneyland Paris! That's right people.... the happiest place on earth in the most magical place on earth! I'm not quite sure how I didn't implode from excitement! As an avid Disneyland lover and connoisseur this was truly a magical moment for me. It was cold and rainy- everything Paris should be with a sprinkle of Disney magic. #dead

If I had one regret it's that I didn't spend more time just soaking it in. We spent only a week in this gorgeous city and to ensure I didn't miss out on seeing anything I made a list of things to do and we kept pretty busy. Which was great- but I sadly I didn't pencil in anytime to just be. Just absorb. Just take in the wonderful nergy of the city. On our last day in Paris I remember my husband had to make a business call. He said it might be a few minutes so I decided Chloe and I would just walk over to the nearest cafe and wait for him .We found a table on their heated patio and I ordered a cappuccino. It was chilly that day so I had on my boots and one of the 50 scarves I brought with me from home (I love scarves!) #myfav As I sat there waiting for my husband to come meet us I remember taking a deep breath. As I exhaled I looked around at the beautiful Parisian cafe chairs, the other patrons sitting around in the middle of the day having an espresso & a cigarette (not a fan of the cigs, but it's part of the deal) the sound of the French language echoing all around me and I distinctly remember feeling like I wish I had been doing this all along.

Stopping to smell the roses is underrated. In a world where everything is go go go all the time, emails come straight to your phone, text messages, instant gratification is the rule. If you're not moving, you're not producing. And production is king. I wish I had realized sooner that a city like Paris is sipped, like a fine wine.

But this can go for anyone, anywhere. I think life was meant to be sipped. And all this time I've been pounding shots like an idiot on their 21st birthday. I might not be able to bring Paris back home with me, but I'll bring back the roses. With the hope that I might stop more often and give them a whiff. #thankyouparis #iloveyou
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