Thursday, November 28, 2013

14 homemade christmas gifts

No clue what to buy? Here's 14 creative ideas you should consider making!

1. Bathbombs

Did you know bath bombs only contain about 4 ingrediens and they're avaible in your local store? They are very easy to shape too, so why not! You only need olive oil, water, bicarbonate, citric acid and perfume or dried fruit/flower petals. You can decide it's own shade with food color! Afterwards put them in a cute back with ribbon and oh! It's really in these days to make them in a shape of cupcakes! But be sure to label them "not eatable".

2. Pillow

Pillows can come in many different shapes and sizes, and it's so simple to make. When you think about it, it's just two pieces put together (and turned in-side-out). You don't need to have sewing skills to make one! Finish it off by put christmas ribbon round it, no need to pack it.

3. Kitchen magnets

You can buy blank magnets at your local store, and you probably need some glue :3 Take tiny cute things and glue the magnets on, later put them in a nice box. You can also buy glass flatbacks and print out tiny pictures and carefully glue them together, so you decide it's own personal prints (animals, flowers, anime, family). You can also make fabric figures!

4. Porcelain

Take a ununsed white cup or buy a white bowl and simply redesing it!

5. Tote bag

Tote bag are so in right now! They're nice to the nature and really easy to carry around. Just take white fabric, sew almost like the pillow but leave one side open and put handles on! Make any beautiful print with fabric pencils/colors or sew on a cute figure.

6. Message pills

Also known as "capusel letter", it's exactly what it sounds like. It's tiny containers with messages in them. You can order them from anywhere, just simply google and you'll get them. I recommend filling the pills with compliments or inspiration quotes from famous persons. Don't forget the cutie jar! Make someone happy!

7. 3D painting

8. Painting/Poster

Remember when you were young, making a drawings as gifts? It's like that but more.. artsy! Abstract art with colorful shapes or maybe print out a poster at your near copy-shop. In this number I can also recommend to print out a lovely memory photo and put it in a happy frame.

9. Keychain

Maybe a figure, maybe a picture, maybe an old tiny toy? Keychains comes in endless designs! I once found this beautiful fabric with 4 different blue flowers all over it. I cut out the flowers (two of each) and made them in to keychains. Afterwards I put them in a beautiful box and sold them as "matching friendship keychains"!

10. Bottle

Remove the label from a bottle of wine or other other beverages (need help? check tricks to get rid of the label safetly) and glue on a personal designed print or with the face of the person you plan on giving it too.

11. Notebook

Blank book, glue, magazine pictures or fabric. Just go wild! Make the cover design 3D or just plain unique. You can also make a really cool shape with jarn and some holes, like !

12. Plushie

Also known as stuffed animal, like pillows, you can make a plushie however you want! Dragon, sushi, teddy, owl, cat, food, TV.. yes, anything!

13. Realistic plushie

14. Jewelry

Making a necklace or bracelet isn't that hard! You can buy DIY blank earrings and adjustable blank rings to glue things on as well. You'll probably need some pearls and strong rubber thread. A cute trick is to print out pictures and glue them to thick (but light) cardboard and make a hole for the chain. Or how about a brosch?

((all pictures found on google, I do not own any of them))
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