Friday, November 29, 2013

Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber (Yes, Really)

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I've always found it kind of beautiful that even though Tuxedo Kamen has an actual attack in the manga (the one mentioned in the title, the "Smoking Bomber" one) somehow Sailor Moon is still obviously the stronger one in the series. She is the one that HE leans on, the one that HE looks up to. He's there for emotional support, mostly, although he's also not afraid to jump into the fray if needs be. But that happens rarely.

This versus the anime where Kamen is constantly saving her in every single fucking episode with a fucking rose of all things.

It's just amazing how you have these characters and on the surface they're exactly the same in both the anime and manga incarnations: a teenage girl has a magical compact that allows her to transform into the a mini-skirted fighter for justice while the love of her life dons a tuxedo and helps her save the world. And, yet, when you dig just a little deeper, you get completely different characters and a completely different story.

(This should probably be a longer post but... eh. Maybe another day.)

(Sidenote: Okay, seriously, the characters in Sailor Moon very often have really stupid attack names, but Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber?! What the fuck?)
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