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Pyle Home PHPMCU10 Multimedia/Gaming USB Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone

HOT OFFERSPyle Home PHPMCU10 Multimedia/Gaming USB Headset with Noise-Canceling Microphone

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* Brand: Pyle

* Model: PHPMCU10

* Dimensions: 9.75" h x

8.50" w x

3.50" l,


* Gives Unique 3-D,360 Sound Experience - Adjustable, Bendable and Pivotable Microphone - Sensitivity (S.P.L): 105db 3db/Mw / Impedance: 32 Ohms15%/

* Eliminates the Need for A Sound Card - In-Line Volume Control - Frequency Response: 20Hz~20,000Hz

* Windows/Mac Compatible - Plug Type: USB 2.0

* With In-Line Mute/Volume Control - Cable Length: 6Ft

* Adjustable Headband for Perfect Fit - Speaker Driver Diameter:40mm


Check out this multimedia/gaming USB headset with noise-canceling microphone from Pyle. Use it to easily video/audio chat, communicate with friends during games, write using speech recognition software, and record podcasts. Plus, it uses a USB connection, so you can bypass your PC or Mac sound card for a direct, high quality connection. This headset uses noise canceling microphone technology to ensure a high-quality, crystal-clear sound at all times. You can quickly adjust the headband and boom arm. The convenient in-line volume control allows you to adjust the volume to your exact specification. Connects via a 6 ft. USB cable.


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So Nice I Bought It Twice!

My husband, bless his heart, has a REALLY fat head. It is difficult to find a headset that fits him well for a decent price. His last headset was in shambles - falling apart, duct taped together, and slowly losing functionality. I had him go online and he found this set. I ordered it for him, and he was ecstatic. The sound quality is amazing, the microphone works great, and the noise-cancellation is so good he's learned to leave one earpiece off so he doesn't get in trouble for not listening to me!Since this product was so nice, at such a great price, I decided to get myself a set too. Since my husband and I are both heavily into online gaming, I figured a product that worked for him would work for me. My last headphones were cheap and uncomfortable, and everyone I talked to using the mic said it sounded like I was in a tunnel. I love this new headset, I plan on buying a third set to gift to my brother, and will keep this in mind next time I need a gift idea for one of my other gamer friends!

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took one for the team

I love researching each product that I buy, and try to make sure that I buy the best product that I can for my needs, at the best price. And I usually do this with the help of customer reviews. Well, this product had no reviews. so I decided to go out on a limb and try it out, even though there were numerous products that were very similar, with plenty of good reviews.I didn't buy this for gaming. I bought it for a comfortable way to make audio recordings, and having a quality microphone is key. I was attracted to the noise cancelling feature and the way this product looks.Out of the box I plugged it into my computer (XP) and it recognized it immediately. Just for the sake of reviewing this product, I decided to play some music through it to determine the quality of the speakers. The problem was that only one of the speakers was working, so I tried something else and had the same problem. Broken out of the box! But this didn't stop me from hearing at least one of the speakers. I was impressed with the robust bass and the clarity of the music through the one speaker. I believe that if it were working properly, I would have been very impressed with the sound.Then I tried some audio recordings. The noise cancelling feature of the microphone seemed to work very well. It virtually eliminated all of my breathing noise as well as the popping P's and the piercing S's. Although for such a feature there is usually a price to pay. The input volume was not as loud as I wanted it to be, and there was a very low amount of noise, which is something that I learned by amplifying the recording and listening to it. I've used two other microphone headphones, both of them were about 10-15$ and they are my comparisons.Overall, the sound seemed excellent and the microphone would probably be great if you are using it for gaming or recordings that don't need to be perfect and without any noise.As for the comfort, these seemed to be comfortable, although I didn't wear them for more than 5 minutes. The earcups fit on the ear versus over and around. The microphone boom is steady and stays where it was put.I gave it 4 stars because I wanted better microphone quality (for my specific application, which might not be fair). I didn't take any stars away due to it being broken because things happen and I imagine and hope that it was just bad luck. Plus no hard feelings as it won't cost me anything to return it.Hope this helps.

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Solidly built, clear sound

I got this to use with sound sensitive software and it's good, the noise cancelling is pretty effective, and the mic pick up has the ability to catch nuances and doesn't flat-out people's voices. The headset is solidly built and the ear phone part is cushy and doesn't put pressure on your ears like other head sets. This matters to me a lot since I wear glasses and long term wearing of any headset can give me a headache as it pushes the bows of my glasses into the back of my ears and skull. Incidentally for you bigger guys, this is the headset for you, it adjusts to size enormous. I have a small head and it's a bit loose even on the smallest setting. I wouldn't recommend it for a kid for this reason. The microphone arm is extremely solid and is going to be hard to damage with it's flexible metal sleeve. Having the volume and "mic off" controls where you can easily see them and operate them on the fly is CRUCIAL. I can yell at my dog and no one has to know.See all 24 customer reviews...

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