Thursday, November 28, 2013

How Facial Recognition Could Help Fight Crime

1. Summary

This article is based on a report published on CNN's website. It is highlighting new developments in facial recognition technology. The new system is called the Next Generation Identification System (NGI). It can use DNA, eye scans, and information on a person's physical features to specifically identify an individual in a database. It can be used to identify anyone from a common criminal, to a dangerous terrorist. Britain finds it very helpful to fight crime using it, coupled with their closed circuit television network (a group of security cameras that watches people in Britain). Developers are still trying to perfect the technology and use it to make 3-D images. The technology is used by some businesses in the U.S. to track facial recognition and specifically identify big spenders in stores and their product preferences. The technology has drawn concerns over privacy when companies such as Facebook use it to collect information on their users. The fear is that the government or terrorist organizations will gain access to the information.

2. How the Article Relates to Science

This article relates to science through biology. This system is using matches from DNA to identify different individuals in an area. The article also relates to the subfield of science called technology. Law enforcement agents are using the computer software to identify criminals. This article also relates to science through consumer psychology. Stores and businesses are able to use the technology to cater to their customers preferences and track their customer's spending habits. They can even use the technology to encourage their customers to buy specific items.
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