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Pht of the most beautiful Highlands of Vietnam.

1. Dong van stone plateau

Dong van stone plateau spread over 4 district in Ha Giang Province is Managing contacts, Saddle, and Writer and cat Vac, is recognized as a global geological park of UNESCO

The plateau has many limestone areas, rugged, with plenty of old fossil from 400-600 million years, which is very useful in the study of archaeology. Not only own the Green mountainous landscape the eye extremely impressed, this place is also known for the unique cultural identities of 17 ethnic minorities living there

The young traveller to HA Giang also admire many monuments national level such as the King of cats, owls, Valley City flag Dong van neck. 2. Ha Giang

Between Lao Cai province and Ha Giang, BAC HA plateau spread over a large area, consisting of the districts: North Holland, Si Ma Cai, Xin man district and Hoang Su PHI

Plateau has an average elevation of 1,000 metresthe highest peak is Liao Qiao, Ti. Just as The Van, BAC HA plateau is a limestone plateau, is known for its plum varieties in northern mountain by compatriots Ha planted

It also has many special culture, highlighting the BAC HA market.

3. Moc Chau plateau plateau

MOC Chau district of MOC Chau, son La, is higher than 1,000 metres above the sea level so the climate is cool all year round, dairy farming and the species of tree as: tea, peaches, plums, and especially in the season, the Golden-infused soul you off.

In place not too far from Hanoi (200 km), where it is the young people's favorite pht point as possible, for two days last week

Visitors to MOC Chau not only admire the beauty of nature, the flowers of four seasons but also enjoy the specialties of mountain peoples like the calf, streams, fish the chao tasty cat is hard to beat.

4. Sin Chai Highlands Vaka plateau comb

Located in Dien Bien province, needing, has an average elevation of 1,500 metres above the sea level

Sin Chai Comb is approx. 4 km from Sapa, is home to 1,400 people with strong ethnic identity

From sin Chai Brushed the clear day, one can admire the beauty hidden in the distance of the Summit of Fansipan.

5. Pleiku Highlands plateau in Pleiku.

Highlands, mainly on the area of Gia Lai province, with an average altitude of 800 meters, is the familiar attractions of many young people

The most famous sights in Pleiku is Lake T'N ngin the Centre of the city about 7 km. This is a crater has stopped operating, hues of blue, the banks have customers

The most beautiful time to visit to Pleiku is late November when infused gold carpeting on the same road aroma in early sunshine. 6

Highland Dak Lak. Dak Lak highland or Highlands Buon Ma In one plateau Highlands high, 800 metres above the sea level, this is one of the richest regions of Vietnam's tourism potential, the most famous is the Don with the traditional hunting domesticated elephants, jungle and Buon Ma Thuot - the capital of coffee Free.

Dak Lak is the residence of the Japanese people, the Buttocks with the admirable Gong and many ancient monuments worth visiting such as the Episcopal, Bao Dai Palace. And unique Festival. 7. Forest Park Highlands and Di Linh plateau of forest park, or more known as the Lang Biang plateau, da LAT plateau is one of the top tourist attractions in the Highlands.

Southern Highlands da LAT flower city, Southwestern's Di Linh plateau. This place has quite a lot of interesting stop for visitors like Dalat city with Ho Xuan Huong, a Lament, the high peaks such as the Lang Biang, Bi Doup.

Or large waterfalls such as Chicken Prenn waterfall, Cascade, Cascade, Shade Elephant Cam Ly. The scenery in two Highlands are beautiful with flowers bloom year-round, temperate climate, indulged the thought.
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