Friday, November 29, 2013

A Helicopter Has Crashed Onto A Crowded Scotland Bar

Britain's ITV a helicopter has crashed onto the roof of a bar in Glasgow, Scotland and notes multiple injuries. Scotland's STV .

The Guardian says the accident , and quotes Jim Murphy, a Labour MP in the area at the time, that members of the public "formed a human chain to help get people out of the building." Murphy added that he saw "a pile of people" trying to escape the pub.

, and the accident appears to have occurred between 10 pm and 11 pm local time.

"Part of the room was covered in dust," Fraser Gibson, . "We didn't know what had happened. We froze for a second; there was panic and then people trying to get out the door."

BBC reported at least 15 fire engines and 40 fire brigade staff on the scene attempting to rescue people. An eyewitness speaking to BBC estimated there were about 120 people inside the pub at the time of the crash, but it was unknown how many may have been hurt.

"Given an incident of this scale we must all prepare ourselves for the likelihood of fatalities," Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond told Reuters.

You can see Tweeted photos , and . Here's one photo from the scene:

ABC News picture of The Clutha Pub in Scotland where helicopter crashed on roof. Its thought to be a police chopper.Scottish Sun editor Gordon Smart said he thought the helicopter was about to crash on top of him.

This is genuinely horrible. Spare a thought for those involved. Terrifying experience. Thought it was going to land on me.

-- Gordon Smart (@gordonsmart)

British Prime Minister David Cameron has Tweeted about the incident:

My thoughts are with everyone affected by the helicopter crash in Glasgow - and the emergency services working tonight.

-- David Cameron (@DavidCameron)

This is a developing story, and this post will be updated as we learn more.

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