Thursday, November 28, 2013

EXP Handmade Book Stack Style Wood End Table

Accentuate the spirit of knowledge and learning in your home with this unique book stack design end table, entirely handcrafted from wood by talented artisans of northern Thailand. Enjoy the beauty and functionality of this piece next to your favorite living room chair or in your den. This handmade creation is carved from a solid piece of wood to represent a pile of colored books stacked on top of one another. These hand-carved books are arranged at slight angles for inspiring views from every direction. The smooth table top is a perfect surface for the placement of your favorite books, magazines or coasters. Measures 16 inches high x 13 inches wide x 12 inches long. This table is handcrafted from the highest quality wood by artisans in the village of Baan Thawai, located in the historical Golden Triangle region of northern Thailand. AsiaEXP brings you authentic, handcrafted goods from a variety of world cultures. With this purchase you are not only receiving a beautiful product, but you are supporting the artisans and helping them to pursue their craft. This not only ensures the artistic development and financial stability of the talented individuals making these fine products, but also helps to preserve their rich cultural heritage of fine craftsmanship. The artisans involved in making this piece believe in finding beauty in everyday objects and in drawing inspiration from any entity. A vibrant kaleidoscope of images - animal and floral, human and divine - finds its way from our artisans' unlimited imaginations to beautiful pieces of handmade furniture. The handcrafted nature of this product will produce minor differences in design and sizing. Subtle variations will occur from piece to piece, adding to the unique quality of individual items. Measurements may vary slightly.

* Carved in the shape of a stack of books piled on top of one another at slight angles

* Sturdily constructed and hand-painted with shades of red, green and blue

* Features a smooth, functional table top perfect for displaying magazines or decorative items

* Expertly handcrafted from top quality wood by talented artisans

* 16 in. h x 13 in. w x 12 in. l
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