Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Mary Sue's Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Jewelry

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* 1.Quark Jewelry [1] We Quark Jewelry back in June, and it's no less cool now that the initial rush of "OMG subatomic particle jewelry!" has had time to wear off. 's creations are pretty, original, and--perhaps best of all--science-y.

* 2.Paul Michael Designs [2] When we posted this ring by back in August it was still just a conceptual design. Since then Michael has stepped up and made it possible to wear Han Solo around your finger. If the Star Warrior on your list is more a fan of the Fett, there's also this pendant that's all the more lovely for being so understated.

* 3.Kilroy's Attic [3] You'll never be asking "Where are my dragons?" when your dragon is this . Kilroy's Attic also sells rings based on pirate ships, skulls, and even the Xenomorph from .

* 4.LEGO Ring [4] Yes, the dimensions of this LEGO ring, available for sale on , are correct. Yes, that means one can attach minifigs to them. Tell me, do you feel more like a or a today?

* 5.BeautySpot's Space Jewelry [5] sells nature and animal jewelry as well, but you know we're all about space over here at TMS. Please the classy astronomy fan on your list with a .

* 6.Soundwave Jewelry [6] There's nothing inherently geeky about Soundwave Jewelry, which lets you turn a recording into a nice bauble for you to wear. The suggests using recordings of your baby's first words and the like. And yeah, you could do that. Or you could make jewelry from movie dialogue, a quote from a favorite book, or a line of fanfic. You'll be shelling out some dough--the cheapest option for the ring, for example, is $740. But some rich geeks read our site, right?

* 7.Leather Wrist Cuffs [7] ...or maybe you don't have a spare $740. Allow me to recommend , which sells simple leather cuffs with fannish phrases stamped on them for a mere $8.27 each. Is your family member/friend/whatever not a Mother of Dragons? Maybe they'd like to proclaim that , whatever "zat" is? Do they have or ? Or is none of this , and they'd rather just ?

* 8.Oh My Geekness [8] These Millennium Falcon earrings by may not look like much, but they've got it where it counts, kid. For the video gamer in your life there are also pieces based on old-school gaming cartridges to choose from. Oh, and . You can't go wrong with those.In our series of holiday gift guides we come now to an old stalwart: jewelry. When you don't know what to get someone it's easy to say "Yeah, yeah, I'll just get 'em a nice-looking necklace." And they might ooh and ahh when they see it, but that's no guarantee they'll take it out of a spare drawer any time soon. We recommend buying from one of these sellers and getting that person on your list something that'll double as a both a decoration and a declaration--of geekitude, that is. Worry not: You'll find no evil rings here.

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