Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Waxing, Wireless and Winter Entertainment

Even though the weather was really good this Halloween as compared to other years, no one came. Ah well, looks like my Comp class will have lots of candy to analyze for their midterm test. Dog didn't get his exercise barking and running to the door. Doubt if he even knew anything was missing.

Some of my favorite memories are about helping my dad repair or build things. I remember sitting in the very small tight basement of our house in Gunnison, holding the planks that would eventually become my skis. I got to pick out the color and helped my dad iron on the wax. As far as bikes were concerned, except for borrowing a bike from a friend, my feet were my mode of transportation - either running or walking really fast. To entertain ourselves during the long cold winters in Gunnison, we got to play with cards, 15 - 20 decks - and we created card mansions and apartment buildings - and as soon as the front door opened, it was all tumbled down. And then we had to separate out the decks and make sure each deck had the right number of cards. It kept us busy.

A telescope would have been nice, I agree. I had to wait until I was considerably older to buy one for myself. Instead, I got ice skates. Dad and I cleared snow off a small patch of yard on the north side of the house and ran a hose through the bathroom window to create an ice skating rink. Every kid in the neighborhood came to skate even if they didn't have skates. Finishing a late afternoon skate off with hot chocolate and homework was ideal. It was the only time of the year when my mom knew where I was when it came time for dinner.

Interesting that you should mention a meccano set. Here we call them erector sets. I got several for our son when he was growing up - not interested. One is still in the original wrapping. But our grandson, now he is truly gifted in designing and constructing his designs. He's a bit young still, and gets frustrated easily, but when he comes to visit, he goes straight to the closet and pulls the boxes out, clears a space on the table that is "his" and builds to his heart's content. This morning I found a great "create a dinosaur" nuts and bolts set at Ace Hardware which we'll give him for Christmas.

I've started the research part of my project. One of the interesting facts is that the wired generation makes instantaneous decisions. They decide to go one way in the morning and by noon may have changed their minds. They are also very independent and look at jobs as a way to maintain their hobbies or passions. In essence, they work to live, not live to work. Interesting; it is hard to teach someone who constantly changes their mind and doesn't work toward a grade. I'll keep you informed as I uncover more. Oh, did you know they are the 2nd largest generational group? Only the baby boomers out number them.

Don, if you could ask this generation a question, what would it be?

In the riddle cave - eye drops it is!

And I have no idea about yours! 50 members of a crew, everyone working together with two out-of-control comediansI'm like totally blank!

So back at you:

Ponderous and bulky

Any color

Latch lid or open mouthed

To slide, snuggle and protect

That which is seen to see

All figures retrieved from google images

Fig. 1 - Card house retrieved from

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Fig 3 - telescope retrieved from thetelescopestore.com Fig 4 -- erpix1.jpg retrieved from burlingamespezmeseum.com

Fig 5 - wireless retrieved from true-literacy.com
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