Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dracula's Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks Renfield's Torturous Disappearance, a Moment With Mina

's Alexander Grayson (aka Vlad Tepes) keeps his confidants few in number and close at hand -- so what happens this week (Friday 10/9c) when a crucial one goes missing?

Before the NBC series' small break, you'll recall, a grieving Lord Davenport hired the very unsettling Nora to find out what role Grayson played in Daniel's death.

When Lord Davenport's agents nab -- and torture - Nonso Anozie's Renfield, they've got the titular vampire's right-hand man in a position to spill everything."Renfield is [Vlad's] closest relationship of the whole production," star JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS tells TVLine. "He risks everything to get him back, because he has a great bond and a great love [for Renfield] because they are two people that have been outcasts from society -- through who they are and what they are."

During the hour, a flashback shows us Vlad and Renfield's first exchange, which takes place in the middle of a stalled business deal and which highlights how tough life was for the lawyer before meeting his patron."At that time, [America] was a particularly dark place to be," for people of color, Rhys Meyers notes, "and Vlad recognizes that when he sees him."

While Renfield's undergoing some very terrible trials (think salt literally rubbed into a fresh wound), Mina and Harker plan a lavish engagement party -- which includes an intimate dance that doesn't escape Lady Jayne's notice.

Still, Rhys Meyers says his character isn't sweating the drama Mina's engagement is causing in his life -- or hers. And he cautions fans not to expect a Mina-Harker breakup in the near future.

"It just suits [Vlad] to have them together right now," he says.
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