Monday, November 4, 2013

Getting Serious About Sirius

Renewed my Sirius satellite radio about a month or so ago as I couldn't pass up the $25 for six months option.I used to listen to Cosmo Radio, especially when Dr. Jen Berman was on, answering all sorts of love, sex, and relationship questions.Unfortunately, Cosmo Radio was recently pulled so this has involved my scanning of other radio stations in order to find my listening groove.

There is one radio station that is titled Radio Sex; no, I didn't purposely seek this station, out, just stumbled upon it as it was close to Cosmo Radio.The shows on this station are beyond raunchy!Clicking on this station at 7am and hearing female hosts moaning while a male caller narrates some sexual fantasy gives me graphic visions I simply do not want to endure for the rest of my day.

Instead of Dr. Jen, on the Stars network there is now Dr. Laura.This woman is so filled with hate, judgment, and vitriol that it turns my stomach.Does this make me stop listening?No, because it is indeed entertaining.However, the way she answers questions just floors me.You are having a problem with your child in daycare?It's all your fault, you should be at home with your child, not working you -single mom!Not getting along with your live-in boyfriend?It's because you are an unpaid whore, you trampy slut.The other day before spouting off her right-wing beliefs, she tried to read a military story, frequently interrupting to state "oh, my tears are flowing....I need some tissue" and "I don't know if I'll be able to get through this heartbreaking story."Nice fake tears, Dr. Laura.

The newest station on my listen-to list is Martha Stewart.Lots of good home and gardening info.The other day she was describing how she lays out color-coordinated towels on all of her furniture in order to keep the animal hair off her couches and chairs.She then described all these animals she owns (which are apparently welcome in the house) along with 26 birds she keeps in the kitchen.Twenty-six birds!!!She espoused how she keeps a towel underneath the bird cage in order to catch the bird seed and droppings.Ugh!All of that in her kitchen!!Finally, despite her proclamations of perfections, she has a habit that is simply disgusting and not at all admirable.

The best stations are Heart & Soul as well as Soul Town, which are the two my Michael and I listen to when we are on our road trips.No narrated sex scenes, no name-calling, just simple love songs and R&B to make our drive enjoyable.
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