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X-Men Battle of the Atom Part 9 (Wolverine and the X-Men # 37)

The epic tale which throws present day X-Men, Classic Era X-Men, fake Future X-Men and now the real Future X-Men all get together to fight it out for the sake of the future. The last issue had Future Deadpool fall to his death, and Future Xavier and Molly got impaled by Colossus and Illyana's Soulswords. While some of these guys return for round two (seems the Soulsword impalement isn't as fatal as it seemed) in this issue, though Deadpool is still dead. How will this end as they challenge XornJean? Let's find out.

I like how Deadpool is on the cover even though he died last issue.

The issue opens up with Modern-Day Cyclops suddenly standing in an empty white void with XornJean. Scott wants to send her back where she belongs, but XornJean says he doesn't want to send the young Jean back. She tells him not to stop them, what they're doing has to be done, and in seconds nothing they do will matter. Cyclops snaps out of it and is back in the Jean Grey school with the others. Future Colossus tells him they're gone and Future Phoenix tells him she's more powerful than they imagined.

Cyclops tells Magneto to lock down the hangars and Emma to find the school's Cerebra. Wolverine stops him and tells Modern Beast to secure the school and for Cyclops and his crew to stay where they can see them. Wiccan explains that they are the real X-Men from the future and Sentinel-X tells them the ones they met were the Brotherhood of their era. Modern Day Iceman is confused that the Ice Hulk is with the Brotherhood, and that now the Ice Wizard is also him from the future. Everyone begins to argue over wether or not they should trust these Future X-Men or not, but Wolverine says he believes them, especially since Wiccan healed him after his apparent future son nearly gutted him to death.

Wolverine asks Modern Beast if the Future X-Men sent the Classic X-Men home. Beast explains they tried, but failed for some unknown reason. Kymera is outside and confirmed that Deadpool is dead. Beast confirms that a Blackbird is missing, but nothing is showing up on radar. Since the Brotherhood is outnumbered and have failed in taking the original X-Men back to their own time era, the X-Men wonder what the villains will do now.

The Brotherhood fly in the Blackbird, with the Ice Hulk and Molly still alive, though Future Xavier has now been paralyzed due to being impaled by Colossus' Soulsword. Evil Beast explains how they were unable to send the Classic X-Men back home so they have to go with Plan B. Raze is eager to kill the Classic X-Men but the others stop him.

The original X-Men are restrained in the plane's hangar and have power dampeners on them. Jean tells the others how the Brotherhood wasn't able to send them back for some reason. Cyclops asks what Jean saw that made her want to leave willingly. Jean isn't sure but knows that if they stay one of them will be responsible for something horrible. Hank senses that the jet is landing and Jean detects that they're in the area where they fought Magneto for the very first time.

Meanwhile, in the SHIELD Hellicarrier, Maria Hill and Dazzler were informed that the X-Men are attacking the Cape Citadel Military Base.

Back to the X-Men, Quentin Quire looks upon his Future Phoenix self and asks him when he ever gets to leave the school. Wolverine and Cyclops' teams have to work together on this mission, but they clarify that it doesn't change things between them. Beast informs them about the military base being attacked, and it's time for them to move.

The Brotherhood are on the rampage across the military base and Xorn points out that the X-Men have arrived. The huge group of heroes drop onto the battlefield ready to take them down. Phoenix flies by and melts the restraints off of the Classic X-Men. Classic Cyclops tells his team that it's their time to attack, and to hold nothing back, even if they're fighting against themselves. The fight explodes as everyone is fighting everyone.

Classic and Modern Iceman ask Ice Wizard who the Ice Hulk is. Ice Wizard explains that the Ice Hulk was an ice creation of himself that gained sentience and was convinced to join the Brotherhood by XornJean. He warns his past selves to be careful when they start making free-roaming ice doubles of themselves. Wolverine fights his son and Kymera warns Storm to be careful since Raze is more powerful than Mystique. During this Kymera admits Storm is her mother.

Xavier blames Colossus for being paralyzed from the waist down and wants to do the same for him. Modern and Classic Cyclops, Classic Jean and Sentinel-X all attack XornJean. Sentinel-X tells her that the Brotherhood is outnumbered and has been defeated and she has lost the fight. Just then SHIELD Hellicarriers arrives and Maria Hill orders everyone to cease and desist or else they'll have to intervene. Modern Cyclops asks XornJean what they hoped to accomplish by provoking SHIELD. XornJean says she will give them a taste of their future and show them what humans really think of them. She then uses her powers to mess with the hellicarriers' defense systems and forces them to fire missiles down upon everybody.


This issue brings on the action as the Brotherhood takes the fight to the military base where the classic X-Men first fought Magneto, which I believe was way back in X-Men #1. Iceman finally finds out what the deal was with the Ice Hulk version of himself, and I do like the joke about if they had one more Iceman they'd have their own basketball team.

There wasn't much to say about this issue, except the action was cool and I'm eager to see the conclusion to this story. It sucks how Future Deadpool didn't survive his fall while everyone else did. I do wonder why Xavier lost the use of his legs while Molly survived being impaled by the Soulsword just fine. Yeah I know the Xavier deal was kinda to reference his namesake, but why wasn't Molly also affected, or just plain killed off?

Now that SHIELD is involved, we'll see what happens next. I do wonder, now that we have Coulson in the comics, will we ever see Skye, Melinda and Grant in there too?
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