Sunday, November 3, 2013

Uv Unwrapping and Color Mapping

Fun, Fun, Fun. Did the uv unwrapping in Z brush which saved a TON of time, then made up the color maps in Photoshop. Could have done it in Z brush but I prefer to have all the brushes, layers, opacity control etc. that comes with Photoshop. Plan on incorporating the mouth into the color maps. I will be testing that next. In addition, I also have to test out how the color maps hold up when I use blend shapes to create the controls for the different facial expressions. This is most likely how I will be rendering the entire film. Switched over to real time rendering in viewport which will again, save me a lot of time. The shader is a combination of the color map connected to the ambient color node and a ramp shader that has only 3 or 4 values, some which have no interpolation, others which have spline, thus you see some hard edges and some soft edges. For the outline I used the toon outline with the mesh offset. I will most likely be using the outline for the characters only. That was a lot of CG rambling, if you didn't catch any of that just look at the pretty pictures below. This is the UV layout for the head. The program pretty much takes the 3d object and uses seams to flatten it out into a pattern exactly like ones used in sewing stuffed animals. This is the uv and color map for the hands.
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