Thursday, November 7, 2013

Too Cool For School


Uniforms were the bane of my existence as a school going girl.

We had to conform to strict rules; our hair had to be neatly tied up with no flyways, our skirts had to be of a certain length and the most dreadful of all, we had to tuck in our tops. Okay, I do admit that it does look way smarter, but at the age of 14, tucking in your top was akin to social Siberia. Worse still, as a student leader, I not only had to adhere to these somewhat draconian rules, I even had to tell off those who didn't comply with the regulations for our uniforms!

Imagine that!

Me, the nerd in glasses, telling all the cool sporty people to tuck in their tops. If they were my friends, they would oblige only to remove them later. If they weren't my friends, well, I didn't know what they thought of it, but I am pretty sure that explains why I never really went into sports (dance and yoga do not count!).

The panacea to uniform woes?Lovelyitemss is an online company that sells clothes, bags and wallets for mostly teenagers.

The company's apparels are hip, trendy and very wearable. If only Lovelyitemss was there to come to my rescue during those awkward secondary school days.

Thankfully, Lovelyitemss is still a lifesaver now!

Because although I am more than happy to be able to wear whatever I want to school (good riddance to those uniforms), I sometimes reach a dead end. I go to school literally everyday and I can stare at my wardrobe and still have no idea what to pull on (thisishowweendupinflipflopsandtees).

So, the chic pieces of Lovelyitemss are just the clothes to help breathe some life into my wardrobe and also reignite my fire for dressing up for school (Yes, Lord D, I haven't forgotten what you told me -.-). Furthermore, the apparels are affordable. What more can a student ask for?

I had the honor of modeling for some of their clothes and here are just a few of the many uber cool clothes up for grabs:


Relive your childhood days of cartoons and comic characters with this adorable Mr Bean boat neck tee!

Mr Bean was one of my favorite heroes! Be it the original actor or the cartoon version, my brother and I were enthralled for many hours laughing at the misdemeanors of the brilliant Mr Bean. What were some of your favorite episodes??? Share them with me. (:

Amongst others, I really loved the time when he went to the restaurant on his own during his birthday and when he tried to change into his swimming trunks in front of a man. Unbeknownst to him, the man was blind!!!

Black and loosely fit, the top will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.


Well, even if I have 2 left feet, it doesn't mean I can't look sporty.

I am in love with this bright and colorful top, a la jersey style but way prettier.

The pink and blue contrasts in such a manner that is eye-catching and somehow pleasing to the eye. I love how cheerful and bright it looks. Such iridescent colors exude youth and best encapsulates one's younger days of (relatively) less worries.

Plus, the top is so interesting, you do not even need any accessories. It's a good conversation starter.

Pair them with a pair of cute shorts and you are good to go! Fast, simple and yet chic.


This is has to be my favorite look of all the 3 outfits (Actually, I quite like look 2 too ).

Red is a striking and empowering color. Wear this together with sky high heels, you will feel almost indestructible.

This top is also long sleeved, which provides extra coverage for those long and cold hours in the lecture theatre or library.

There are tons of other fabulous and afforadable items, so do check out! This is just the tip of the ice berg. Don't forget to follow Lovelyitemss on Instagram for new arrivals!

The lady boss is extremely sweet and provides efficient service. Her dedication is apparent in the way the business is carried out.


She recently had a flea, and to astounding success. CONGRATS!

Let me know which of the outfits you like (I am sure it would be a tough choice =p)!

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and to those sitting for O and A levels, JIAYOU!!!



P.S. Thank you S for taking the photos!
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