Sunday, November 3, 2013

The First Step to Succeeding in the Info. Economy: Staying Focused

How does one strategize in solitary on a consistent basis?

Ralston starts w. the abstractThen he pushes the students to ask questions and interject their experience. ...My issues are more tangible: where do I get the time and energy. Given my constraints, what should I be working on and what can I afford to neglect; at least for a while and so on.

In the info economy, everyone wants the fast and cheap answer.Priorities countEveryone wants their own answerBut no one wants to pay for it

As many great masters recommended their readers w/ this following key phrase. .."Practice. ... Practice... Practice"Me, "Practice, Reflect, Optimize, Improve. Evolve. .."

>>This I actually have to reply to. By listening to the ticking of your watch, you know how long you were driven. With an estimate of the average speed, you could work out the maximum distance you've travelled. Hence the circles drawn on the map. Listening out for key features may help you out with directions. If you here s lot of traffic, a main road. If you hear the ocean, heavy machinery and a lot of voices, you are probably near docks. Anything that stands out can be helpful. This is a common theme in a great many secret agent/spy texts. This part of the movie is in no way a mistake.

Touche! ... The creme of the creme that is behind the "implementation of those moves" begins by having the capability to stay centered while being mindfully aware of one's own settings. There is an unique skill to it. ...

The current stage of our society setting where most of the technology-dependent people who have an attention span of 1 min and have the immediate need for automatic gratification, will not be able to do anything like that.

Those who know, don't say.

Hint: It starts by mindfully knowing the order of one's own settings. Yes. It is that simple.

* Monofocusing

Standing at the library

Be patience and have fortitude
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