Saturday, November 16, 2013

Strength training for children: One component of a balanced activity routine

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Strength training for children: One component of a balanced activity routine

Strength training can aid children's' muscular and motor skill development and help establish a life-long habit of injury-free physical activity participation. But, it ought to be one part of a balanced approach to physical activity and the potential ...

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Mother, son form Crossfit NXNW - Port Orchard Independent


It is common to hear about a father-son business partnership. But it is rare when sons partner with their mothers in an enterprise. But in Port Orchard, there is exactly that. Maureen Pace and her son, Steven, are co-owners of CROSSFIT North by ...

The Yoga-CrossFit Mashup Workout - Shape Magazine (blog)


Some of the movements we do in yoga such as sun salutations aren't considered "functional movements" by CrossFitters, so while this sequence stays within the general rules of CROSSFIT (the routine includes a warm-up and everything is done at 1-minute ...

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Demi Moore Surfaces in India as Ashton Divorce Finalized, Attends Spirituality, Addiction Conference: Photo

Demi Moore is ready for a new beginning. On Monday, Oct. 28, the Margin Call actress, 51, was photographed in McLeod Ganj, India going somewhat incognito in all black on a crowded street, chatting on her cell phone and carrying a large black purse.

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Embrace spirituality on Diwali - The New Indian Express


In recounting how Gandhi led his country to political freedom, very few have viewed his struggle primarily as a search for SPIRITUAL liberation. Shifting the focus to the understudied subject of Gandhi's SPIRITUAL life, the author retells the story of ...
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