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Serenity Forever; NOW (well it was then, but it's now, now. No temporal disturbance here, on your way, ducklings.)

Wait, what is this? Oh yeah, that's right, it's a blog post about that time I went to that one convention that time in September. Hey, Sammy, why has it taken you so long to post this? That's right, because I'm lazy and I'm not as obsessive as I use to be meaning that I don't get as much done as I think I'm going to get done. On the plus side I get short bursts of complete this small part of project. Years baby years.

This post is a companion to a video I made with pictures other people have taken and posted on flicker and facebook - ALSO it will have a lot more rambling, because it's surely faster to read rambling than sit through 30 minuets of it sans hand gestures. Sensical ramblings are short at hand.

This is my third convention ever, the first was GABIT Amanda Tapping 6, London Film and Comicon and this. All of them have different flavours. GABIT tastes like giggles and rubber ducks, London Film and Comicon tastes like bland gruel that you have to line up for, Starfury tastes like shoeper whiskey.






I got on a coach, that went to all of the stops, instead of skipping some. Oh my, it took three hours. Once I got off the coach my lovely nerdy friend Emma was waiting for me, she basically took my hand and guided me towards the next coach we were going to get on to go to the hotel. We got the coach because I had a whole suitcase of stuff, that I don't really need, but like to have. I packed light though! There were a lot of things I took out before I left in the morning. I decided not to take my camera. Out of the unnecessary thing I took I only bought one 4B pencil, putty rubber and paper (no pencil sharpener).

We had a conversation about how awesome it would be if Will Wheaton did conventions, but gaming ones. And all of the attendees would be pit against each other to become a gaming champion at the end of the weekend. It could be a travelling thing. Would be so cool.


The place you go to say "Hullo, tis me. With the paper money turned into printed ticket form for the badges and the sitting and listening event time."Laminated full colour printed badges! With our names on. Anit that just sweet as? Get hit on the noggin' and forget who you are? No probs. They got that shiz sorted.


So it started. And of course, I was under-prepared. I had two questions; Who are these people and What is a Jonathan?

This is a Jonathan.

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You know a weekend is going to be good, when someone you have never heard of gets a loud cheer from the gathered folk, proceeds to introduce himself by sharing the embarrassed of a bald spot near the nape of his neck; where he cut out a piece of gum-yet did not explain why he put gum there in the first place. Awfully odd place to keep gum.

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Nectar Rose - Post by .

Hey, look at that cool jacket Nectar is wearing.Hey look at that cool jacket Leah is wearing.

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Well, Aaron has been around a while to make an impression like this.

I like he likes Star Wars, it's just a vibe. Do you feel it too?

Magda Apanowicz

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Magda is adorkable.

Magda Apanowicz

Stephanie Jacobsen hail to the people. The GUY mouth beer clap.

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Elyse Levesque

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My god, she can kick high. Rapping her introduction.

Jewel Staite

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Jewel Staite - semi transparent in the hip area. You see that light too.

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Just look at her shoes. Look at them.

Sean Maher

Jonathan Woodward, Nectar Rose, Leah Cairns, Aaron Douglas, Magda Apanowicz, Stephanie Jacobsen, Elyse Levesque, Jewel Staite & Sean Maher

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After we went to the meet and greet. They were filtering people through sticking people on different tables.

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When we looked around we saw other people brought jenga, cakes, chocolate. Sweeties. They brought sweeties. Clever people in the know.

The hair!

This guy was on our table, dressed up as Book, from Firefly.

She was on our table!

And this lady was also on our table.

Magda had energy! I don't know what she runs on, but I need some. She is a very up person. She told us about her Polish-ness, and how she doesn't understand anything her Mum says, and she is sure that her Mum doesn't understand anything she says in Polish. She also swore a lot.

Aaron said he was taking a trip to Scotland after the convention with Scott Scovill to find the chief. Very boozey week for them.

Leah was asking each table if they preferred Battlestar Galatica or Firefly. I still don't know how to answer that question! I haven't had enough time to process and re-watch. I bought the tickets for this event before I watched Firefly or Battlestar Galatica. This is because I was looking at conventions to go to with Emma, and she likes Firefly and Battlestar Galatica, and I knew Elyse from Stargate Atlantis and Alessandra Toressani from Capria, who cancelled, but we got Magda instead, which I see as an awesome upgrade. I was tricked into watching Caprica by Emma a few years ago when it was airing, so that was a little hint that I would like Battlestar. So once I bought the tickets I started my Firefly and Battlestar Galatica marathons. I cut it very close and was still watching Razor the weekend before the convention. Leah told us that she acted on Battlestar Galatica before she watched any of it. She said she tries to avoid watching shows she is in, but she was given the box-set and told to watch it. She said once she put it on, she was making her way over to the couch, but the music made her turn around and she didn't get any further and just sat down on the floor. She was there for hours. She is also really into Game of Thrones.

Stephanie said she was really tired and she had just flown in that night and was very tired. She didn't look it though! She was very smitten with an offensive card game called CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY that the previous table she visited were playing.

Out of all of the guests I think Jonathan was very drunk. He started by pointing at each one of us on the table saying, 'don't need it, don't need it, got it, got it, have it, have it', as greetings go it was one of the most bizarre. The two people pictured above that were on our table seemed to know he was referencing if they'd met him before or not, which they had. Emma noticed his tattoo on his forearm and asked him about it. It was a female torso that his father (possibly, I forget) drew. He enjoyed drunkenly leering and pointing out all the details. A guy on our table was using a magnifying glass to look through, and Jonathan said he looked like a guy out of a film that ran backwards. Emma said she could find it and watch it because she had an internet dogle with her. Jonathan called her a dongle face. What?!

Nectar had massive eyes. I couldn't hear all of what was being said because of the other tables and Aaron and Jonathan shouting at each other across the room was very loud. She was a sweetie pie though. She said she got on the tube and went to London really quickly. She said she ended up somewhere she didn't know, but it was the posh bit of London.

Jewel was wearing her half days shoes and didn't sit down. She said it wasn't like any other convention where should could drink the whole time.

Elyse brought a cake from the one of the tables on her way around. The guy with the wig had to take it off because he was too hot, and Elyse stole it and stroked it as she talked to us. She said she had the compulsion or the expectation of us to hold it. She said she went to topshop and bought her outfit. She left it in the middle of our table as a centre piece. We were joking that we needed a motor inside it so it could be a tribble.

Sean looked very uncomfortable with his puppy dog eyes. It was probably our table, and he was asking if he could leave, or if was time to leave to his minder. If I had more gumption I would have been offended. Our table was very quiet and wasn't a fountain of questions. Meh. He did say that he wanted to go more into directing.


I don't think we went to the disco.

Sleeping while this was going on.

Looks fun though.

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BattlestarPost by .

And so the Twerking begins.Post by .

After, we had a look at the disco and decided we were too tired to stay. So we went upstairs, had a bit of a relax. Emma had netflicks on her ipad and a dongle so we watched an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Jonathan in. I had never watched Buffy before. - Well the odd episode, but I was just in the room doing other things when it was on. So I found out what a Jonathan was, and he is the same. She also showed me two videos of Miley Cyrus, a twerking one and a ball one. I can say I was werided out, she was disney! The ball one sort of reminded me of Pink! videos mixed with Leonna Lewis one.



In the morning we had the group photos. I thought there was going to be more people, but there wasn't that many. Emma wanted a silly one, but we didn't come up with an idea before we had ours taken. Darn my indecision.

NECTARbecause it's easy.Post by .

It was Nectar's Birthday so Jonathan decided it would be a lovely idea to make a cake of people.

CAKEPost by .

He started by gathering people out of the audience and making a circle with them, then getting more people to make a lower tier.

CAKEPost by .

After they were posing he decided that was the perfect time to put a chair in the middle, almost hitting a load of them. He probably did hit one.

CAKE THISPost by .

Then he ducked down, hid and started signing Happy Birthday.

Wait for it .

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Surprise!Post by .

This looks wrong.

Blue pants.

There is always one isn't there?

Oh look no pants. Surprise Nectar!

Awhhh bless.

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When he got dressed he gave Nectar a hug.


When they came on the first words that came out of their mouths were anal beads.

Magda told a story about stunt work and how she loves doing it. Elyse was throwing some punches at Magda and she threw her head back at the right time! Elyse's reactions were a lot slower, but she got a laugh. Magda said she was doing stunt work with a guy, she threw a punch and he went back into the camera behind his head.It knocked him out. Much blood.

Pre-burping session.

Magda Apanowicz

Elyse carried on the gore theme with a story of when she was on Stargate Universe out and about. And she scrapped her leg on a rock. She didn't notice but she had blood over it, and the next few days it started going all horrible and pussy. While she was talking Magda burped right into the mike. And so Elyse tried to burp while Madga was talking next, bless her she couldn't. But Madga was very gas-sey.

Elyse Levesque

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Before they started I was working on a drawing of Aaron, just scribbling. Emma drew a smiley face saying he looked too grumpy. A girl who was sitting in the third row back asked about my drawings and she was lovely and nice. She was all alone at the convention because her friends couldn't make it. She is working on her Masters for archaeology! How cool is that?

Aaron was sat next to Leah and Stephanie saying it was a chef sandwich.

Leah was talking the when going to her room in the hotel.

Leah Cairns, Aaron Douglas & Stephanie Jacobsen

Leah Cairns (I Nuke Cylons Shirt) & Aaron Douglas

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Aaron was brilliant on this panel. He had a lot of stories rehearsed (from other cons) they had punch lines and everything. He just assumed that everyone had heard all the stories by now and I didn't want to tell any. People, who had heard of them before started asking for stories by name. He told one about how he doesn't wear underwear, and an unfortunate incident with a sound guy.

Aaron Douglas with Battlestar story. The Microphone is his penis.Post by .

One girl asking a question about Battlestar, and she didn't want to spoil the end of the series. Aaron jumped on it, and blurted out the ending. Saying the show has been on for years and they should have watched the end by now.


I think Sean and Jewel just use conventions as an excuse to see each other. They have their own secret language of laughter and giggles.

Sean sent Jewel an email with songs. He was asking her opinion on them. Jewel thought it was a prank he was trying to pull on her, but it turns out it was his album he is working on.

Jewel Staite

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Sean Maher

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At a previous conventions hey were both at they said a funny thing was Morena Baccarin's face in the group photos they were signing. They had a carry on joke about how she has a neutral bitch face in all of the photos.

Sean Maher helping Jewel Staite do the bitchy neutral face.

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Jewel Staite & Sean Maher with the bitchy neutral face.

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Jewel StaiteCylon Daycare, Serenity Crew, Boomer & Racetrack, Hathor, Janye Hat & Borg Chef.

Fancy Dress Costume Contestants

Best Appliance.


Cylon daycare.

Toaster daddy.

Janye Hat of awesome

So Fluffy.

Hats hat.

She didn't kill anyone.


Blues brothers, something I need to watch. They changed, they changed!

They're breeding faster than tribbles.

Borg Chef & the Chicken

Nectar Rose, Wash, River, Zoe, Jewel Staite, Janye, Inara, Kaylee, Mal, Book, Simon & Sean Maher

Cylon Daycare by .

Racetrack and Boomer by .

Simon by .


We had dinner in the hotel. I had some boiled pasta, boiled veggies and grilled chicken without anything special or pepper or anything. Oh wonderful! Plain boring food I actually eat. They did give me enough food for two people though, it's like no one knows how to do portion control any more. Anyway - Emma said I had to do the drawing Jonathan demanded on the panel of Joss Whedon twerking. She collected images for me and put them in a collage. We went back up to our room, Emma put on this documentary about three religious girls doing daemon extraction. They were saying Harry Potter was the work of the devil. A very strange thing to be drawing a semi-naked man to. I almost didn't draw the bar, but why can't Joss wear a bra just because he is a man? I put cowboy spurs on him too. It just needed that little something extra. I decided to put Jonathan in the picture, because he wanted it. I almost drew him in his blue underwear, but I didn't have a blue pencil/pen also it just looked oddly sexual, especially with the wooden spoon I had him holding, so striped pants it was.After I was finished we went down to the party.


We didn't stay that long. I was ill this weekend. I had the shingles. Yay me. I was popping pills all weekend. Ibuprofen and paracetamol. Which I never have. So they work pretty well on this ol' body of mine.

How awesome is this shot?

While I was sleeping, something happened. Oh you party people. Joss Whedon rocked up. In the early hours of the morning Joss said he felt like going to a party. So Jewel and Sean sneaked him in with a scarf around his face. Trincognito.

Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon

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Joss Whedon

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Emma and I sat down in the lobby and we had a lovely girl join us, that sat next to us in the Aaron, Leah, Stephanie panel. She got to see the drawing, I was doing some more tweeks - Emma was laughing at me when I was spending a lot of time getting Joss' bum to look perfect. We went into the hall once it was open and gave the drawing to the crew. Who laughed at his. Said it was 'wrong' and how I was sick. Oh, twas not me, twas not. They put it on the table on the stage with Jonathan's name on it. Then we sat down, in the front row, yay for getting there early, I didn't need my glasses either!

Aaron brought things to give away. He was saying that we had to work for them, by answering a nerd question. Then another person has to ask a nerd question and if they get it right they get the prize. If they don't the other person gets it. Nerd off! Woo.

Aaron Douglas showing photo of Wil Wheaton in an Canadian hockey jersey.

Questions and answers win prizes!

Gold Seating. The chairs aren't gold. Nothing is gold.

Jonathan Woodward staring his slideshow.

Jonathan started with a slideshow, as you do. Ugliness.

Magda Apanowicz chilling watching Jonathan Woodward slideshow. by .

Geoduck .

We also got to see a clip from a movie with the scene filmed backwards and reversed (Top Secret! is a 1984 comedy film). Because a guy on our table at the meet and greet had the magnified eye glass. The crew were amazing. Anything Jonathan demanded they produced.

Magda Apanowicz, Aaron Douglas & Jonathan Woodward

Magda Apanowicz with boobs on her hat, Aaron Douglas & Jonathan Woodward

Magda, Jonathan and Aaron showing things he brought to give away.

Aaron showing a signed script he brought to give away. Jonathan is about to find the drawing left for him.

Magda thinks the drawing is weirdly sexual. by .

Because of reasons.

I wanted the drawing to be left by the anonymous fairy so I didn't say anything when he asked who did it. And he would marry who ever did it, Emma was like, 'he likes it!' And put up my hand for me. She is so kind.

Aaron said 'hey you're that girl that did that drawing of me. Thanks for not doing that to me.'


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Joss Whedon twerking Jonathan Woodward drawing.

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In fairness, he did demand it.

Time was getting sort for communion to finish in a timely fashion so Magda and Jonathan helped by giving out the badges. Magda wanted to throw them out into the crowd but Aaron was like 'No! You can't throw them, they have pins in.' So she was going up and down handing them out.

Jonathan came along to the front row where we were and started throwing them. He threw a lot at Emma's leg, poor girl. I got a NASA one that bounced off of her.

Once all the cool things Aaron had were given away Communion started.

Magda Apanowicz, she doesn't know what is coming.

Communion begins

Pringle for the body.

Jonathan Woodward gives Magda Apanowicz a large shot of whiskey.

Whiskey for the blood.

Go Magda go.Post by .

It's a wonder how these things start isn't it?


Jonathan Woodward giving Scott Scovill cheap whiskey shot.

Line for communion.

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Whiskey everywhere.Post by .
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