Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Process Systems with Potent

Transactional analysis includes: 1) structural analysis - the theory of ego states; 2) proper analysis of transactional activity and communication, based on the notion of transactions as the interaction between ego-states of the two entering into the fellowship of individuals; 3) analysis of the psychological "games"; 4) skriptoanaliz - analysis of the life script - the script. There are three typematic ego states: Parent, Child "and" Adult typematic When interacting, the man is always in one of them. Based on the idea that every human being "live" one whom they had been, typematic adult, Kojima, he is, and parental images. Differ in two main forms of parent: 1) "taking care typematic - advice, support, custody, etc.; 2) "controls - prohibitions, penalties, manuals and other ego-state adult - capable of realistic estimates, reasonable, mature, includes a probabilistic assessment of the situation, rationality, competence and independence. EXISTENTIAL ANALYSIS - one of modern psychoanalysis, based on a combination of the ideas of Freud and Heidegger, is aimed at the study of personality in all its fullness and of its existence - existence. " Under ego-state is understood to-date way of being I-subject. Factor is particularly productive in the early stages of scientific research when it is necessary to allocate some preliminary patterns in the study area. The fact is that when the individual openness to the future disappears, he feels abandoned, his world narrows the internal development opportunities remain beyond the horizon of vision and there is a neurosis (psychogenic). The most important provision of the theory of ego states - the thesis of switching or transition activity from one ego state to another: the same individual in different may typematic as a parent, then as as a child. Human typematic is interpreted in the context of the three modes of time - past, present and future; symptoms of neurotic typematic occur typematic because of the predominance of one of these modes is the restriction of the inner world of the individual and limit the horizon of its existential vision. In many games are based on scripts or script-program their way of life incorporated an early age under the influence of social factors, I'm training.
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