Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Homeland' season 3, episode 6 preview: The Claire Danes interrogation you've been expecting

Ever since , we have been very much waiting to see what would happen when Carrie faced off with Javadi. She was captured at the end of "The Yoga Play," and at that moment the primary question was simple: Had she been compromised, or was her capture merely part of Javadi's plan?

Well, you are about to at least get a partial answer on some of this information. In the video below, Javadi certainly sounds like a man who is in some ways clueless as to what Claire Danes' character has been up to, and acts as though her capture was something that he was anticipating. However she is acting like this is not a situation that she had agreed to b any means. What she personally claims to have been expecting was a one-on-one conversation with Javadiand not a complicated polygraph test to determine whether or not she has been lying.

Javadi insists that the man that he has brought with him can be trusted, and has a quick comment for every concern that Carrie has after she claims that she initially agreed to this only because she thought she was only going to be speaking with one person, and would not be divulging anything and everything when it comes to the agency. How that situation has changed quickly!

The only part of this video that makes us skeptical about this episode is that the CIA, at least more often than not, are taught how to trick and manage their way out of polygraphs. Therefore, we have a hard time imagining that Javadi, obviously a man who puts a ton of thought and preparation into everything, would suddenly be oblivious to the fact that Carrie may be trained to answer his questions right or wrong. So if Carrie is "lying" according to the machine, it may because she is looking to incite a particular reaction.

Want to see more from this "Homeland" episode? , you can take a look at a video that is very much centered around the Saul character as he shares a little bit of his past.
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