Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AV Idols In Thongs Give Head To Lollipops


Japanese Adult Video idols do a lot of live shows and in-store appearances at the red light district of Akihabara.When it comes to appeasing their fans, AV idols are truly the people's a high-caliber AV company that knows how to promote its product live in the flesh.They work with some of the sexiest J-girls in the game and employ top-tier talents likeand , both of whom are highly-recommended by The Spizzy.

Along with their raunchy skin flicks, RADIX is known for erotic-yet-festive images from their live promotional events.These candid photos are brimming with gratuitous T&A, naughty girl-on-girl action and fellatio performed on lollipops (gives new meaning to "Blow Pop"). Visit theand follow them on Twitter to keep up with their many sexcapades.

Scroll down and check out RADIX's impressive stable.This is one studio that knows how to have fun.
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