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Every parent's dream to see his children, intelligent, self-confident, and to their talents and abilities were in demand in the future. Of the many illustrative examples implications that such cherished wishes come true only for those parents who are purposeful and nothing left to their own devices, which from birth are involved in its development, and education and training.

For the little man school is a new stage in his life. And depends on many factors, could he successfully learn, communicate, whether happy to attend school, or screaming and crying. Loving parents understand this and can say with infancy try to prepare the baby to such important life time. Someone may, at home, prepare children for school, and someone not accomplish such task and should be treated in special institutions. Fortunately the children and the parents are there, you can choose according to your requirements.

Baby centers of preparation for school to be established to assist parents in this regard. Here, as a rule, to work with children are involved highly skilled professionals - teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, the Methodists, the practitioners who know about the needs and problems of children of preschool age. Agree, this is the most important component part of the whole activity of any institution for children, including the children's center. Because only a loving children and his case a teacher-educator will be able to arouse a genuine interest in getting new knowledge, gently hold from games to writing, reading the account of, the acquisition of other skills to facilitate social adaptation and the development of a personality.

Work children's centres organize his own, special programs. But the main task of the chosen program should be integrated development of children's intelligence, in which the future first-graders are required to teach to read, count, write, think, remember, hold attention, involve your imagination to be able to communicate with older people and their peers, and the ability to orientate in different situations and solve problems.

All of the above can be trained child only if he accepts composed older program. If you will take with pleasure and interest in her work, not creating any problems. Therefore, before making a final decision cooperation with the selected children's center, together with the child should go to trial lesson to verify compliance programs and methods of its teaching, its established requirements.

Chewing - first, a very important stage of digestion. If the food enters the stomach bad pulverized (chewed), in this case, the longer it is delayed, the less digestible.

Almost every child is inherent to the whims. Agree that sometimes the most restful and obedient kids sometimes capricious. Psychologists are trying to establish a time whims, characteristic of different periods of growth

This is a natural desire of parents to give their child the best of everything, including qualitative, comfortable and nice clothes.

Children cruelty can be unconscious. Child commits a heartless, evil deeds, because not aware of their consequences, not able to properly assess their actions.

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