Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pets and the Elderly

We've already posted about the . Elderly people are particularly in need of these benefits, and for an elderly person there are many more benefits to owning a pet too.

* The elderly often live alone and are sometimes less able to go out and leave the house. A pet therefore is a great companion to have around the house, to lessen loneliness.

* Having a pet, particularly a dog, gives an elderly person a reason to leave the house. Getting outside to walk a dog is great for an older person's state of mind, as well as giving them regular exercise!

* Pets can also provide social connections for their elderly pet owners. And older person may meet other dog owners while out walking their dog or at a dog park. If friends of theirs have pets too, this may be a good excuse for them to meet up.

* Pet owners generally have lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and less chance of stroke than non-pet owners. These would be particularly beneficial to elderly pet owners who are perhaps suffering from health problems.

* Pet owners over 65 years of age make fewer visits to the doctors than those who don't own pets.

* Pets ease anxiety and stress levels. Patients suffering from Alzheimer's have fewer anxious outbursts if the have a pet around the house.

* Animals are playful and can give an elderly person a much needed sense of fun and youthfulness in their lives.

* Retirees have a lot more time to spend with pets, making them great pet owners!
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