Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Not Impossible

For some reason today I feel like we need a bit of inspiration. Some words that can give us confidence to start this upcoming week off right. Monday is coming and that means the start of a new week and a new week brings us many opportunities to become better and stronger.

Many people out there have fought and struggled for years to sculpt the body and personality that they have always wanted, and for many it has been a treacherous road, not a particularly nice one.This fact can bring you down, it can make you want to doubt your ability to change and achieve your goals, it can constantly frustrate and complicate the daily grind that is already difficult enough.But this mind-set cannot win the battle raging in your psyche. No, your mind is under your control, You are the one that determines the results of your quest, it may come sooner or later, you may have to take a detour, change the way you approach your goals, but ultimately it is the person who has undeniable focus and determination that will end up where they desire.You look at many of the greats in sports and the struggles they faced.Ultimately, if your journey has no adversity you really can't enjoy the victory. Adversity is part of the battle that forges a person that can overcome challenges and put in the necessary effort in not just fitness, but every aspect life.

Remember that this path is not a short one, the body and mind doesn't change from one day to the next, this is a process that requires perseverance and constant effort. The reason for this is because the greatest things in life require the greatest sacrifice and effort to obtain.

Every day a little stronger is not just a concept for the body, but for the mind as well... Exercise, Study, Sleep and Repeat!
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