Thursday, November 14, 2013

ODBMS with Diatom

Analysis of - a method of psychological research that does not use quantitative indicators, but only making conclusions based on logical reasoning on the facts obtained. Regression inventory boom - a statistical method that allows to study the of the average values of certain other variations of magnitude or inventory boom variables (in this case a multiple regression analysis). ANALYSIS inventory boom SHORT - a form of the characteristic orientations only on the local topics, the relevance of which was determined during the inventory boom The main procedures of the meeting is to analyze the association of free (method is associative), and transport. Designed to highlight unity Mental: different from the usual analysis, decomposing the whole into its constituent elements, at what inventory boom is lost integrity in the analysis of the causal-dynamic seen such a minimal element in inventory boom further revealed a whole. Galton, have determined that a definite correlation between the growth of parents and their adult children: he noticed that the parents of the children of low growth is somewhat higher, and the parents of inventory boom highest growth - below. Disadvantages analysis of the correlation due to the fact that it allows state the existence of some kind of between the or variables, but can not prove cause and effect type of link. Analysis of the correlation - a statistical method of evaluation forms, sign and strength of links studied traits or factors. CLUSTER ANALYSIS - mathematical analysis procedure multidimensional, allowing on the basis of many indicators of a number of objects, group them into classes - clusters inventory boom so that objects within a class were more uniform and similar than objects of different classes. When violations of characterological and psychotic disorders it does not apply; Along with the analysis of short as a support can be and other methods of psychotherapy (group therapy, behavioral therapy, autogenous training). Based on numerical parameters of objects to calculate distances between them, expressed in the Euclidean metric (the most upotrebimoy) or in others. Such a pattern he called regression. Regression analysis is used primarily in studies of empirical in problems related to the of some impacts (eg impact on achievement of intellectual giftedness, motivations - inventory boom behavior), the design of psychological inventory boom etc. Rosen. Is inventory boom form of psychoanalysis, specifically focused on treatment of schizophrenia. Among other widely inventory boom in psychology species analysis of the correlation - the calculation of rank, private, partial, multiple and other correlation coefficients. The purpose of the analysis of control is primarily a discussion of improper actions intern, manifestations of his countertransference, other personal settings. The most effective way to detect such a relationship - intervention in order to how the presence or absence of one factor affects another inventory boom that is the essence of the experimental method. At the same time, he independently conducts psychoanalytic sessions with a client, but after each session discussing it with his teacher, which uses a verbatim record inventory boom marked by a dialogue with the client and your own comments an intern. But analysis of the correlation can not solve a problem related to the possible interpretation of the dependence that exists between the variables. It also discusses the possibility of other psychoanalytic interpretations, in addition to the proposed intern. In determining the forms of communication, we its linear or nonlinear.
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