Friday, November 8, 2013

NBC's 'Revolution' season 2 spoilers: Some more scoop when it comes to Charlie, Rachel

What is coming up ? Let's just that that if you want to see some more family struggles, then you are going to see those play out and then some. This Matheson family has themselves perpetually a series of problems, with loyalty being the paramount one following the episode that aired on NBC Wednesday night. Let's just put it this way: Who in the world imagined Rachel's father being the mole? It definitely changes up the tone of this show in a pretty dramatic way. Gone is the whole notion of him just being some sort of genuine and king father figure concerned about Rachel, and instead you have a guy that is really up to no good and cause trouble. It must at least leave Stephen Collins something a little more exciting to play.

But what we have to share today (via ) is a short synopsis from the upcoming episode "Everyone Says I Love You"that is really all about Rachel's daughter in Charlie trying to prove herself yet again. Take a look:


We will at least give Charlie a little bit of credit in that we do believe that she has matured and grown up a little bit since her days of whining and brooding her way through season 1. But has she really learned how to let her guard down and make friends? That's what we are still a little unsure about. The series has at least done a good job of sort of taking her out of the strictly heroine role and making this a little bit more of an ensemble affair, though, since it puts less pressure on this character to be the savior. Instead, the series become more of a collaborative effort, with everyone trying to work together for the goal of staying safe and keeping most of the people in Willoughby or elsewhere strictly focused on survival.

What do you want to see on "Revolution" season 2 the rest of the way? Be sure to share our thoughts with a comment below, and from the episode on Wednesday night.
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