Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Learn to Recognize Animal Cruelty

Be our eyes and ears and their voice! Report suspected animal cruelty right away to Laws for Paws or the appropriate enforcement agents who have the authority to investigate these type of crimes in your area. Animal cruelty can take many forms. Some of the ones we see most often are:

A dog chained to a fence in the freezing cold with no shelter in sight.

Cats, dogs and other animals abandoned in a home and the owners have moved.

Abandoning or killing of unwanted pets.

Stray animals for "free pets" captured and used by dogfighters as bait for their dogs' training.

Skinny and unhealthy animals in unsanitary conditions.

Vicious pranksters harming whatever animal happens to cross their path.

Contact Kimberly Hamilton at 336-516-7896 if you become aware of animal cruelty.
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