Monday, November 4, 2013

I received a WIP!!

I received this awesomely whimsical stocking from my friend over atyesterday!

I absolutely love it and it's hanging over my seasonal alter.

My friend thinks her talents are pale in comparison to others she makes gifts for. I say pish-posh! I adore the photos of her quilts that she has made and I think her skills are FANTASTIC!

EEEEEEEeeeeeeee!!! I love getting mail that isn't a bill!

I'm trying to finish this quilt and I've decided that I will leave it in the machine and work on it a little at a time,

back pain permitting. She is due in early December, and everyone thinks she will "pop" early so I am really pressed to get this done. I told her she could not bring Gabriel into the world before I finish her quilt! I started to worry about all the loose ends because there is a lot of start and stopping in the quilting pattern I chose. Lesson learned...stick with straight least for now. I would have been done much sooner otherwise. Oh well. Live and learn. The friend likes skulls and the like, so the quilt has a Day of the Dead theme to it. The backside is a fabric showing the Universe. She's already seen it and says she loves it. The binding will black with purple pipping. I need to do a practice piece with faux pipping on it so I can get a feel for it before attaching it to this giant gift.

The photo shows a bit of my small work area. Behind the sewing machine is my Carnivorous garden/terrarium. In it holds Mexican Butterworts, a creeping pitcher plant, and some classic sundews. I'e had it for at least five years. Everything is finally starting to spread. I would love to add Venus fly traps, but they are not tropical and require a period of dormancy like a flower bulb does. Yes, contrary to popular belief, they are actually native to the mid to lower United States. It adds some lighting to the darkened area.

Above that is another altar. I have many in my home. I love to make altars. This one features a Spirit Doll I found online a while back that I just fell head over heals with. Her name is "She who accepts Change". It was so ironic because I am resistant to change. Once I find a routine I like, I don't want it to change. I don't want ANYTHING to change. Ironically enough, this is also the are where I do healing magic/prayer.

I was careful not to get anymore of that corner in the photo because it is basically a MOUND of fabric I have collected over the last year. What I really want to do is get a bookcase where I can sort, store AND display the fabric. I like being able to see it and all the colors and patterns that I have. I don't want to just shove it in a dark closet. It's on the list of things to buy, along with a new computer and an 40" LCD TV. Rumor has it that tax returns will be delayed this year because of the debacle that is our government.

Another friend is hosting her 3rd annual ugly sweater party next month. EEeeeeee! It was so much fun the last couple of years and I'm sure it will prove to be just as fun again. This year we are doing Secret Santa and White Elephant exchanges. I'm relieved because there is just not as much money this year to go and buy stuff for peeps. I have decided instead to make a bunch of stuffed, felt Solstice ornaments. There will be minimal investment involved (other than time and effort) since I have most of the supplies to decorate them with.. I just need a value pack of felt which might be $20. I figure I will place them into a bag, or stocking, and have people reach in and grab one. I plan on several different designs. Maybe I will add a scroll with a blessing on it attached to each ornament. My own little twist. That way, what they get is what they were meant to get. I like it. Yeap. I think that's what I will do!!

has a lot of ideas for felt ornaments. Click the logo to be taken to a page

full of felt crafts. ::big grin::

Well, I've babbled on for long enough for this post. It's turned into a long one! I hope I didn't loose your interest!

Until next time...

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