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Happy Chic Decor: fun style for your home

Get home and find a place full of all those things you like (and make you smile) is the beginning of the trend Happy Chic opens increasingly more step between designers

It was Jonathan Adler , regarded by critics as a guru in decorating themes, who gave meaning to this proposal until a few years ago seemed far-fetched.

Adler';s proposal was based on a list of ideas which he published in his manifesto , among which highlighted the make home a happy place.


Many current projects Happy Chic decor are inspired by the work of Adler, which prioritized much in the use of color as a central element, which breaks with the idea that less is more (minimalism) and recreating environments like the home fun of the popular doll Barbie .

The fidelity to detail is the basis of this proposal. The bright colors, fringes, retro ceramics, prints 6ties and even quirky objects can be given together in one place.

Nathalie Rock , interior and fashion designer, owner ofTangle , has a special liking for this item. We talked with herso that we can illustrate more about this trend and did not hesitate to highlight 3 key Adler style that seem basic

* Color and more color: identifies strongly with summer colors that denote freshness (garish yellows, greens, oranges, blues in all ranges)

* Zero minimalism: tassels, fringes, prints from the 70 s, ornaments, ceramics, everything that enhances the luxury.

* Handmade Objects:all handmade craft or simply enhances and adds value to life.



As we had anticipated some Nathalie key proposed by Adler style have undoubtedly caused great controversy among specialists of the subject. Other parameters of your "philosophy" talk about:

* Taste for the craft : the "goodies" are welcome and will always be to enhance the life of any space.

* Minimalism is a bummer : alluding to the maximalism is most appropriate for the space to be bright and fun.

* Child elements are suitable : use hearts, butterflies, stuffed animals and all those things that had left for your nursery.

* The colors will never come into conflict:the chromatic scale for one and sees no way to avoid a clash between the wide variety of tones out there.


Breaking schemes has always been criticized, but,breaking rules set by the beautiful and right is worse. This was the work of Adler, show that calories matter little when it comes to eating something sweet.

In his work stand out much the color supplements and special prints, animal silhouettes are used (I think I saw a special way using giraffes) and vivid color without much their combination.


Is it easy to carry the Happy Chic style home? Yes! Forms can start as basic as buying a new carpet colors to replace the classic vintage carpet, paint some colored vases much more striking. Covering these serious chairs with some cushions with children shapes and colors and thousands of ideas.

Nathalie also easily see the idea ofbringing the Happy Chic home, she recommends

* Vases and lamps in cool and flashy.

* Contrast cushions stamped with flowers and butterflies (always easy to change pads)

* Opt for decals in strong colors (you can find designs online)


We should note that this style is off-road, the possibilities are endless and although maybe not 100% necessary to use the technique, if we can add details that give vitality and modernity home. Nathalie Rock adds "I personally like and everything is possible and allowed to break the boundaries of the everyday "

Happy Chic Decor in the office

Surely you too are thinking about that: And how to wear this style to my office , the place where I spend more time? It definitely came to me, so I asked the question to Nathaliethese were his answers

It would be ideal at work! Forget the boring and formality without losing the image you want to convey to our customers. We can translate it into small details at our desk as a table lamp or even the colors colorful stationery.

The Happy Chic goes very well with steel , which would give elegance to your work space, decorative pillows in shades of orange with dark brown sofas.

Contrasts in color, a mirror or ornate box that is the focal point of the environment, always taking care not to over indulge as tastes of customers arriving at an office are varied.

If we have a corporate color , use it in its various shades, if it is a female office can exaggerate a little bit more.

I love style and I';m sure you too will like it!

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