Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Dear Blue,

I have something so exciting to show you! Two years ago, my cousin Ash took a picture of me on my birthday reading in front of the Crown Queen of Macaron Patisserie's, Laduree. I initially wanted moreadorable photos of me to place on my blog, and other blog centric social networks.

Flash forward to two months or so ago, I allowed the new hit show Sleepy Hollow to infiltrate my life, and Ibegan to notice the work of wonderful artists on Tumblr. Amongst said artists is the lovely who is legendary in her own right, creating imaginative illustrations of awesome superheroes, cartoons, and comic awesomeness (often racially bent, which makes me so happy. Sailor Moon a woman of color...Asieybarbie has an app for that!). But with the adorable illustrations of I knew I had to contact her for this illustration.And just look at the beauty she's created!

I can't express how weird it is to see yourself in cartoon form. It's so surreal, but so beautiful. I can't tell you how starstruck I am to have a piece by her, as I know her career will only skyrocket to the Milky Way, and I'll be able to say I have a personalized original of her work! If you're a fan of Sleepy Hollow, or not, check out some of !

I hope that you all have the most blessed Thanksgiving, dearies! I love you, and am praying for you always!

Yours truly,
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