Friday, November 8, 2013

Wrapping Up with Animal Scarves

Yes, I'm an animal lover. With both the holidays and colder weather, combining things to keep me warm and show off my love of animals is a perfect combination. So I went looking for fun ways to do this and found great designer wrap scarves with animals on them. Perfect!

Now, admit it. Penguins are just too much fun for the holidays. So I found some darling to keep me warm and decorate me for Christmas. Actually, I love celebrating the holidays, too, and scarves are a perfect fashion accessory. Penguins with Christmas tress, penguins with snowflakes, cute, whimsical and cool-looking penguins all show up on . How nice is that?

But, let us not forget cats. I share my life with 2 cats so I can't ever leave them out. are ideal for me and anyone else who has cats or kittens in their world. Then cat scarves designed just for the holidays are even better.

By now, you probably know that I am happy to have anything with animal pictures. And the are a fun addition. The are a special treat as well. Wrapping myself up warm and cozy while still being comfortable is what theses scarves are all about.
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