Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why vegetarian?

It's that generic question everyone seems to ask me. Why did I change?

Because I think that killing animals is animal cruelty. Raising an animal for slaughter is cruel. It gives no value to a living, breathing, sentient animal aside from something to eat. Most are raised in nasty conditions as well.

Because of this, I find it extremely hypocritical that people can say they support animal rights but turn around and eat or wear an animal which was not only killed but probably horribly abused. You say you support animal rights, but you support animal death and abuse. It's abhorrent.

That's also why I'm going to go vegan when I get the means. It's not ethical to force a human to become pregnant, is it? It's not ethical to force a cow to become pregnant, nor to inject the cow with hormones which will very likely cripple her, nor to take her male offspring away to kill, nor to keep milking her far past the time she should be milked just because it's possible. Did you know that cows will stop producing milk if you stop milking them past the first few weeks or so?

Most free-range eggs are from chickens who barely get any space or respect at all-it's a label where the barest minimums are typically met. The only way I could ever find this ethical is if someone owns and cares for a chicken that is bought from an ethical farmer (not a factory farm) who does not sell nor kill their chickens (including male chicks). Which is a minuscule minority of chickens.

Not to mention that chickens and cows will be killed once they no longer produce products.

When the majority of people in the US can go vegetarian but don't, I get upset. I get told not to judge people by what they eat because it's hypocriticalbut it's not. If people judge me based on my diet, it's because they simply don't like it. If I judge someone else based on their diet, it's because it hurts innocent creatures.I judge people who oppose LGBT rights. I judge people who vote against education levies and fight accessible health care. Why? Because they hurt people, and for two of those points, they KILL people. I judge people who support the mindless massacre of harmless animals just because they taste good.

Don't judge me for judging you. Take a good look at yourself and your diet, and tell me you can honestly support such cruelty. You may not have the means or ability to go vegetarian or vegan, and that's okay-there's only so much you can do. But if you have the means and want to support the mass death of animals, I don't have much respect for you. People rape and murder others because it feels good despite the pain it causes. People eat meat because it tastes good despite the pain it causes. If that doesn't strike you as wrong, I don't know what will.
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