Wednesday, November 27, 2013


* Clearly display your name and address

* Use arrows or other marking to indicate the top of the kennel

Include food and water dishes (both empty), which are secured inside the kennel and accessible from outside

* Show a food and water schedule and, if any food is necessary, include an ample supply in a bag attached to the outside of the kennel

* Contain no more than one adult dog (or puppy between eight weeks and six months old that weighs more than 20 lbs.) or one cat per kennel. (Two puppies or kittens that are between the ages of eight weeks and six months old and under 20 lbs. Each may share the same kennel if they are personal pets of comparable size and are socially compatible with one another)

* A general rule of thumb is that your pet must be able to stand comfortably in the kennel and be able to turn around while standing in the kennel

* Contain absorbent material or bedding, such as newspaper

* Display labels on top and on at least one side with the words LIVE ANIMALS printed in 1-inch-high letters
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