Friday, November 8, 2013

What a Difference an Hour Makes!

We got SO much sleep last night!Daylight savings time ended and that extra hour of sleep was AMAZING!We woke up so refreshed and ready for the day.Getting that extra hour of sleep once again reminded me of all the tiny blessings in my life that seem to fall into the shadows.The blessings I forget to acknowledge and thank God for.

This past week we were blessed with corn and soybeans.We were able to get our soybeans combined and decided to sell most of it right away.We ended up getting about 50 bushels an acre instead of the 40 we were expecting so we are pretty happy about that.We also filled our corn cribs this week.It's actually a fun job until a cob falls from the top of the elevator and hits you on the head.OUCH!

Autumn always gets me thinking about thankfulness.I know a large reason is because Thanksgiving is right around the corner but that's not the only reason.Every time I hear the geese honking or see the gorgeous red, yellow and orange leaves against the golden rows of corn and bright blue sky I can't help but feel joy.It's breathtaking!It reminds me of all of the beauty in the world.Not just the beauty found in nature, but the beauty we find in people, in relationships and in blessings.

We here at the Deno Dairy have a lot to be thankful for.John is doing very well and working as normal again.All of his tests came back normal and he only needs to see his Cardiologist if there is a problem.We are so relieved!We have amazing families and friends to be thankful for.We could not ask for a better support system than the one we have!We have a home and clothes and food.We have everything that we need and so much more.We have a loving church family that continuously upholds us in prayer.We are truly BLESSED!One thing that I am very thankful for is all of our animals.I thought for this post I'd feature some of them.

Our goat, Grilled Cheese Sandwich

One of our house cats, Tobias

Avery our bunny

The lady looking at ya is Schweeedy- she's part Swedish Red

Our amazing dog, Sasha

Have a great day everyone!I hope that today we all remember everything that we have to be thankful for!
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