Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekly Wags

Here's the haps this week in the world of animals and writing.

1. Cassowarys

Reading a recent magazine, I discovered the large, flightless bird called the Cassowary. Living in a select portion of Australia and Papua New Guinea, this awesome (and I think beautiful) bird lives on fruits and seeds. And the male rears the young!


This little mare was the during the Korean War. Used to carry ammunition and artillery, this incredible animal was trained to ignore gun fire, explosions, and general mayhem. She was promoted to Staff Sergeant.


While not new news, this Tumblr account is just neat. A rescued Coonhound, Maddie is photographed standing, sitting, sleeping, etc., in unusual (unusual for a dog at least) places. Just a nice site to visit when you need a break.

4. Hemingway's cats

Hemingway liked cats. Loved cats. And although I'm still trying to figure out my opinion of Hemingway, I like that he liked cats. And that's that.


That's National Novel Writing Month for you newbies. And NaNoWriMo is in November, so WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? GET A WRITIN'!!!!!!!!!!
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