Saturday, November 9, 2013

Trainings [Action]

I will now write down the days I spent on my squash and fitness trainings in October so that I will be able to refer to them freely as I assess my progress and the proceedings.

Monday: 07, 14, 21

Tuesday: 08, 15, 22

Wednesday: 02, 09, 23, 30

Thursday:10, 17, 24 (fitness)

Friday: 04, 25

My training schedule assumes that I train every day but Thursday and weekends. Weekends are left for tournaments and (occasionally ) for rest, whereas Thursday is devoted to fitness trainings. As a matter of fact, sometimes either me or my trainer does not manage to meet a given day; consequently, we miss some of the trainings without the opportunity to fulfill them another day as my timetable is full. On the one hand, it is quite a pity that we encounter so many obstacles that we are not able to follow even a week thoroughly. On the other hand, were I so devoted to my schedule every single week, my body would not endure such a pressure in the long run. Usually, I do not like wandering around my agreements; however, in this case it might actually work for my benefit unless it stems solely from the lack of possibilities, not my negligence.

As we may see from the table presented above, I coped to carry out 15 trainings in during the last month. I worked on many aspects of my play, but I put a close attention to my offense. I strived to speed up my movements on the court and shot that I play. My trainer advised me to use my full speed during a game as my opponents would not probably endure playing in this pace for too long. Also, I strived to create my own pace whenever I played with someone; as a result, I have won my first game with my trainer (11:5) last week. I consider this month a very good one since I have the feeling that my squash goes in the right direction, the one that I control and build up.

I did not write any update on my squash progress as I do not deem it helpful whatsoever. Indeed, it a brilliant idea to assess your progress once a month or even once a major tournament; nonetheless, describing every session does not allow you to perceive a greater image of your path.
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