Monday, November 11, 2013

The Dexter, lost and other hit series different ending

You know, whether Dexter, Lost, or Glee, they were ending may be completely different and we see on the screen, but for various reasons, the story off track, not in accordance with the producer and screenwriter adults preset end end.


JJ Abrams has been to make Scott Speedman as the Russell's Faye Lisi Siti and Keri married, also in accordance with their own ideas to finish the script. The actors have the stage curtain call, WB has an additional five sets, give Abrams a big problem, cudgel thinking, only the most popular across the steps (AI masters and advanced). So the American television history against the scenario, Fulisidi using time travel back to a year ago, trying to change the future, see the audience as fall into the fog, unknown. But be honest, "fee" Alice pedicle the end of the last seven minutes or for the perfect ending.

Since the executive producer Clyde Phillips in the fourth quarter after the exit, "Dexter" overall style change. Viewing into the inflection point, play powder Tucao continuously, the last set is rated as the worst outcome. Phillips revealed that the originally arranged for Dexter Morgan to end: was stripped of the Dexter open in the execution stage eyes, each was he kills people will silently watching behind glass walls. Now much cooler than the outcome?

Gilmore Girls

In 2006, Amy Sherman-Palladino for the WB negotiations and leave her a hand to create "Gilmore girl", opera fans know never see Amy a "double" finale, Amy for sister go down. "I think you can see another double", sad reminders of the audience only want to cry but no tears to cry "do not ah".

Veronica Mars

As one of the most popular television series, "Veronica Mars" in 2007 has suddenly stopped, the creator Rob Thomas be caught off guard, don't get his idea for the show to end, can use The Bitch to Is Back as the finale hastily, without buying audience disappointed over, of anger for money, contributed to the movie version of "the birth of Veronica Mars".


In 2007, executive producer Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse told ABC, "lost" only two season's story, but ABC already to the global sale of the three season. Results the last broadcast was the three season, only quarterly shrink for 10 sets. The fans could not guess, if ABC respect opinions with five season to replace the producer, the six season, will see a different "lost".

Pushing Daisies

A gentle touch can let the dead back to life, "pushing daisies" is among the most imaginative TV works, although win the double loved by audiences and critics (micro-blog), but its second season after the 13 episode, half its face, quickly pack Bryan Fuller series operation only to never have thought way. He said: "I think the outcome should be coming in a few decades, so I can't simply make a conclusion to the story."


Its three season, won eight Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award, we can only say HBO to cancel the "dead wood" decision in 2006 was a bad. Creator David Milch has agreed to two film to finish the story, but finally set was completely torn down, said the film naturally became a mirage, insubstantial objects.
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