Monday, November 18, 2013

Samurai Flamenco

Things are escalating at a reasonable clip in Samurai Flamenco now - mainly thanks to the addition of yet another strong personality in the show, Maya Mari AKA Flamenco Girl!

Like Joji, Mari is larger than life and knows how to put on a show and work the crowd.Her exuberant and show-stealing style entirely overwhelms Masayoshi's earnest gormlessness and he ends up sucked into her pace and the centre of unwanted police attention.I'm not entirely sure just what Mari's reason for diving into the world of superheroes - for Masayoshi it is blind idealism and hero worship and for Joji its love of the limelight and showmanship - Mari seems to be some combination of both.She's clearly a massive fan of the genre, but is also very calculating in her presentation and timing, clearly knowing how to work the media for optimal exposure.

And yet she still seems to have that desire to fight crime and punish the badguys - even if Mari is a touch overzealous in her methods.Her violent treatment of those on the receiving end of her brand of justice is all at once hilarious in a cartoonish way, and slightly disturbing given how much time she's put into developing her persona.That magical girl staff is a dangerous weapon - combining a mace, taser and pepperspray, and Mari shows absolutely no hesitation in using it ..and then stomping on the villains balls when they're down.She even tases Gotou who is clearly a friend of Masayoshi with zero remorse - I'm really curious to know why Mari is so ruthless.

Speaking of Gotou, have to laugh at how he is still being dragged into this superhero mentalness even on a professional level.Flamenco Girl's violent, attention grabbing antics have brought her and by extension Samurai Flamenco, to the police's attention causing them to issue an emergency memo to all members of the force to be vigilant of these superheroes.Gotou is very clear with Masayoshi that if things get out of control he won't hesitate to arrest him - Gotou has a pretty strong sense of justice himself, its just tempered with much more common sense.

I do enjoy how Gotou is part of the craziness but doesn't let it really affect him.For example when Joji and Masayoshi are having their "Sensei!" "Student!" bonding moment in the background (which reminded me strongly of Maito Gai & Rock Lee's antics in Naruto), Gotou just ignores them, dryly wondering if Joji has actually forgotten Masayoshi's proper name.Gotou is there to provide stability and speak sense in a cast of mentalists, but he's interesting in his own right.

I like how he has absolutely no feeling of conflict of interest when the memo comes round in work - he knows he'll have to reel in Masayoshi & co if they get too out of control and tells them that.At this stage he and Masayoshi know each other well enough to know their boundaries - Mari and Joji are unknown elements with stronger personalities, but Gotou still treats them the same.Amusingly Gotou's girlfriend seems to have picked up on how he is spending an increasingly large proportion of his free time with Masayoshi - yeap I'm still shipping that~!

Looking forward to next week to see how Gotou's warning (and Mari's crush on him) affect Samurai Flamenco & Flamenco Girl's fight on crime!
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