Monday, November 11, 2013

"Kitty Riot" Kitty Goes Missing from Russian Cat Home

Animal rights activists have been worried about the lack of favouritism shown to Kitty.

Hello Kitty the famous Japanese manga cat, who reportedly weighs two and a half apples, has gone missing from a Russian cat home, where she was being detained after coughing up a fur ball without permission in a Russian cathedral.

Kitty, known to her fans and friends as "Kitty-chan," is part of the well-known protest group "Kitty Riot," which travels the world at the behest of a kindly old billionaire having unscheduled "protest picnics" and "cuteness events" in holy places.

Her sister Mimi-chan, who looks exactly like her except she has a yellow ribbon on her right ear rather than a pink one on her left ear, told the BBC that she had not received any news about her sister and that her current location was being kept secret.

Recently Kitty had been on hunger strike at the Russian cat home because she prefers apple pies and cookies to actual cat food.


Mimi-chan said she last knew the precise whereabouts of her sister on 21st October, when the cat home lady put her in a basket to take to the vet, which just happens to be next to a Chechen delicatessen and kebab shop.

Mimi-chan told the Reuters news agency that she believed the decision to move her sister came directly from the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin himself: "They want to cut her off from the outside world because she's too cute for a Russia that doesn't want to be America's pet like Japan is."

Kitty Riot's "protest picnic" in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was regarded as deserving a good "scat!" by many Russians but Hello Kitty's detention in the cat home has caused an international outcry, especially from the Sanrio company, which has seen a sharp fall in its sales of "character" lunch boxes.

The cat home, which is situated 445km east of Moscow, was originally founded in 1933 by Stalin's mother when she decided to become a coal miner.
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