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If you're a dedicated fan of Pretty Little Liars, then the town of Ravenswood should be somewhat familiar. Spencer and Toby took a road trip here looking for Mrs. Grunwald, the creepy old lady who supposedly pulled Alison out of her grave! It's also no secret that this town is super mysterious and haunting: in Ravenswood, the residents throw parties in graveyards and when entering this town, the color tones completely change. Talk about creepy! During the Liars' visit to this new town, we only got a hint of what it has to offer. The Halloween special transitions the viewers, as well as our beloved Caleb Rivers, to this town, and it becomes much creepier than we ever could have imagined!

During his bus ride to Ravenswood to help his girlfriend, Caleb meets Miranda Collins, a girl he has a lot more in common with than he initially thought. They are both foster children, but that doesn't even begin to cover the common ground. Miranda is in search of her only relative, her uncle Raymond Collins, and Caleb decides to hang around Ravenswood for a while to help his new friend. As the two are in search for Hanna, they discover headstones that mysteriously hold the names and pictures of Caleb Rivers and Miranda Collins. This just strengthens their purposes for being in Ravensood. However, when they return to where they saw their headstones, they had been switched. Scary!

Headstones are apparently a big hit in Ravenswood because we meet two other characters -- twins, Olivia and Luke -- as their mother is cleaning their father's vandalized grave. Someone in town killed their dad, and fingers are pointing at their mom. The town won't let them forget this either. Locals are teasing and taunting Luke and during Olivia's ride in the Ravenswood Historical Society parade, someone ruins her dress with a red drink, which not-so-coincidentally resembles blood. Shockingly,the most important finger pointing at Luke and Olivia's mother for killing their father is Luke's!

If the headstones and town history don't creep Caleb and Miranda out enough, someone or something is following and trying to hurt the newest Ravenswood residents. Seriously, stop trying to strangle Caleb Rivers with a shower curtain!

Remy, a girl who works at the local newspaper and who is "secretly" dating Luke, is the 5th resident bound by the curse in this small town. According to the old newspapers, 5 teens were killed in a boating accident. Relatives of Caleb and Miranda both died after a solider returned home as a sole survivor of this accident. According to Remy's history paper, 5 Ravenswood teens were in a car accident after being hit by a train after another vet survived an ambush and returned home. Recently, Remy's mother, a sole survivor of an ambush, returned home to Ravenswood. *Cue the car accident with passengers Caleb, Miranda, Remy, Luke and Olivia that leads into Episode 2* Guys, never listen to your show's theme song on the radio while driving! If "Secret" starts playing while my favorite Liars are driving, I'm changing the channel.


Miranda is the only Ravenswood character who is not responsive after the car accident, and sadly, she forshadowed her own death in the Pilot: "What do I have to do to get his attention? Climb into one of those boxes?" Poor Miranda, she just wanted answers and a bag of chips! Remy and the others have no idea why Miranda grabbed the wheel while they were driving right before the car crashed, and this is the main piece of the puzzle the police are trying to put together. Perhaps they should question her uncle, who seems to know a little more about the happenings around Ravenswood than he's letting on.

In other news, Olivia is elected Homecoming queen, and Luke discovers a letter which hints that their parents were in the middle of a divorce because their mom was cheating. Taking the accusation a step further, Olivia questions her mother who seems pretty choked up about the interegation. She's definitely hiding something!

While "dreaming," Caleb sees Miranda telling him that she needs her bag that was with her in the car the night they crashed into the water. So this becomes Caleb's mission for the episode. He and Remy take a trip to the junkyard to search the car before the police have a chance to get their hands on it. Remy gets caught in her crashed-car's window, a dog chases Caleb and back at school, Luke gets trapped underneath weights while lifting. This curse just won't let up!

But the most shocking moment of the episode... Miranda's back as a ghost!

After Miranda's death, strange things start happening to the others, and the curse won't stop until they are all in coffins! Tune in to Ravenswood, Tuesdays at 8/7c to see what happens next in this creepy town.

Ravenswood has 3 more episodes to go before the show's hiatus! It will return January 7, 2014, the same night at the premiere of Pretty Little Liars! What do you guys think of Ravenswood so far? Let's chat in the comments!
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