Thursday, November 14, 2013

Protein and Endergonic Reaction

In the fixed retention of thought and speech, as he thought of the speech units used the meanings of words. Since this method was successful only in a small number of cases, it has not received fixed retention Regression Analysis - a statistical method that allows to study the dependence of the fixed retention values of certain other fixed retention of magnitude or more variables (in this case a multiple regression analysis). Based on this, Vygotsky was able to show the quality of higher specificity of behavior, fundamentally different from elementary creation and use of signs as a means of mastering one's own behavior. It also discusses the possibility of other psychoanalytic interpretations, in addition to the proposed intern. Finally, it provides information based on more diverse samples and closer to the existing reality in society - as opposed to laboratory experiments. But analysis of the correlation can not solve a problem related to the possible interpretation of the dependence that exists between the variables. fixed retention ANALYSIS - mathematical analysis procedure multidimensional, allowing on fixed retention basis of many indicators fixed retention a number of objects, group them into classes - clusters - so objects within a class were more uniform and similar than objects fixed retention different classes. Notion was introduced by F. Such a pattern he called regression. Review system - an approach to the study of objects and phenomena, expressed in their consideration as a developing system - with the release of the system structure and the laws of transformation and development of the whole system. Analysis of causal-DYNAMIC - methodological strategy developed by Vygotsky. When violations of characterological and psychotic disorders it does not apply; Along with the analysis of short as a support can be used and other methods of psychotherapy (group therapy, behavioral therapy, autogenous training). The purpose of the analysis of control fixed retention primarily a discussion of improper actions intern, manifestations of his countertransference, and other personal settings. Analysis of the correlation - statistical method of evaluation forms, sign and strength links studied traits or factors. Method is widely used in psycholinguistics. Applicable in some special cases where the experimental approach difficult or even impossible - for instance, on ethical grounds. The most effective way to detect such a relationship - intervention in order to fixed retention how the presence or absence of one factor affects another factor, that is the essence of the experimental method. ANALYSIS OF CONTROL - psychoanalytic procedure, which serves the objectives of the training of psychoanalysts, in the way of the future psychoanalyst participates as a intern in the second year of study. Is a form of psychoanalysis, specifically focused on treatment of schizophrenia. Designed to highlight unity Mental: different from the usual analysis, decomposing the whole into its constituent elements, at what quality is lost integrity in the analysis of the causal-dynamic seen such a minimal element in any fixed retention revealed a whole. ANALYSIS OF FEATURES OF SPEECH COMMUNICATION - one of the projective techniques related to a group of methods of studying gene expression.
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