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Pretty like a flower: Lauren Conrad and her oh so pretty life!

Lauren Conrad- from "37 Times We Wished Our Life Was As Pretty As Lauren Conrad's"

Social media has enabled normal people to get a sneak peak of the lives of their favorite celebrities. This window into the private lives of some of the country's wealthiest and sometimes, most talented, individuals provide this level of normalcy and destroy all socio-economic gaps in society. However, the real question is whether or not our favorite celebrities are their real selves online. As we all know, filtering what we share online is our top priority. This ideal image or representation that we all work for to attain on our social networking sites is a goal that is shared even among our favorite celebrities.

, better known as L.C., is a TV personality, fashion designer, and author. She gained her fame from the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. has become a celebrity in the lives of many teenage girls, as well as women in their 20's. When someone says , the words that resonate in my head are pretty, pink, girly, flowers, shoes, make-up, and Laguna Beach. maintains a strong presence on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. In this piece, I will analyze Lauren Conrad's self-presentation on Facebook.

has created this very feminine and fragile image of herself on . As a matter of fact, she maintains this same image throughout every social networking site. Even in the offline life, for the most part, is associated with femininity. Her line of published books even continues this self-presentation. Below is a snapshot of a list of her published books:

Lauren Conrad's published books

As you can see, definitely abides by Giddens's definition of self-presentation online. According to Giddens, the reflexive product of the self is purely maintaining a coherent yet continuously revised biographical narrative. In order to deal with the everyday troubled events in society and the world, maintaining a coherent narrative of one self, both online and sometimes offline, provides a more sane and healthy living for most people. Therefore, we can all assume that Lauren Conrad is maintaining authenticity because of the stable narrative that she presents. Whether or not she is this very fragile, feminine, and pretty in pink girl on the inside all the time is not necessarily something society should debate about. Since her presence on every social networking site suggests this, she is authentic.

On , her friends will find a cover photo of a pink rose. She currently has 780,882 likes. Her profile picture is very feminine. She is wearing a pink dress with a very chunky silver necklace. Her hair is blonde, pinned up, but very loose on the sides. She is wearing pink lipstick and her make-up looks great. She is posing in front of a white background- she looks very angelic. Her most recent post suggests her friends/followers make easy-spiced pumpkin seeds instead of popcorn while watching a movie. The link sends you to her , which of course is all pink and pretty, to an article that she wrote. She talks about how healthy these are compared to popcorn and how much a hit this will be if you're eating them while watching the big game with your boy. "Seasoning pumpkin seeds with a little sugar and spice makes them even more delicious. They're a light and healthy snack, but also a big hit with the boys while they're watching the big game." In this simple quote, Lauren Conrad is suggesting that as a girlfriend, it is your responsibility to make snacks for your boyfriend and his friends while they watch the game.

A large amount of posts by Lauren Conrad consist of beauty, clothes, and a healthy lifestyle. One example is a post regarding the right date make-up. She talks about how to look to attract your guy on your first date. Once again, she is seen as nothing but a pretty young woman who constantly tries to please or impress the men in her life. This is the message that Lauren Conrad sends off simply from sharing online. According to , there are several aspects of social networking sites that affect self-representation. One aspect that certainly affects Lauren Conrad's is share ability. Her followers and friends easily analyze the type of posts that she shares on Facebook. Her friends/followers are then able to share her posts with their friends, who are then able to analyze it from their perspectives.

According to , celebrity is a practice, not a person. The person we call a celebrity and we know, as a celebrity might not be that person backstage or offline. Lauren Conrad practices being a celebrity by presenting herself as a pretty young woman who loves everything that is pink, pretty, and feminine. Two weeks ago, an article was posted on titled, The pictures she shares on social media, especially on Facebook, are very angelic and pretty. She definitely uses a filter or certain effects that makes her pictures look classy, gorgeous, soft, feminine, and artsy. On every social networking site of which Lauren Conrad participates on depicts an authentic representation of herself. She presents a consistent self narrative, whether or not it is true to her offline self.
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