Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pizza! And Permaculture....

If you asked me what my top favorite foods are, the answer would go something like this: Pizza, doughnuts, mac&cheese, sushi, cereal, tacos.Fairly typical, right? but not often things that my budget or my metabolism allow.

Almost ten years ago now, I was living in Baltimore and working as a bricklayer/mason apprentice. I loved the job, and adored the folks I worked with (more on all that later), but something else was calling me.I had always been into gardening and farming, and it was then that my older sister and her husband turned me on to Permaculture, and more specifically, .I spent a season there that very year as an intern (and more later about this too).Oh what magic! It set me up for a lifetime of learning and discovery about human community, about plants, and gardening, and animals, and about how all of those things interact.

And how does that relate to pizza, you may be wondering?Well, I learned how to make pizza there, and more importantly, I learned the joy of throwing a bring-a-topping, make-your-own pizza party!So it has become a tradition in our young little family, and last night was pizza party night!

First we made the dough - a surprisingly painless process if you don't count the little helping hands.But the cute factor, plus the entertainment factor always tips the scales.

And then, as the pizza dough slowly rose, we prepared our toppings.

Some of our dearest friends arrived with toppings to share, and we prepared our pizzas!


Oh the combinations of toppings!Oh the delicious smell of baking pizza, filling the house!Oh the leftover pizza the next morning for breakfast!

What kinds of delicious food traditions does your family have?
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