Friday, November 15, 2013

Paying it forward

I am sure that most of you have seen that movie Pay it Forward...if not, just a brief synopsis:a small child takes an assignment given to him by his teacher very seriously as he does small things to help out those he meets in his community.As a reward, the community when it needs to, pays it forward and is kind to others when they need it.

I want to bring to light a very small Montana community.It is beautiful there.Most of the people are kind and genuine.This community has its issues and some people there are not that nice but that happens no matter where you let's take a look at Troy, MT.

The official blurb on the website for the Troy Chamber of Commerce states:

Nestled in the rugged mountains of northwest Montana, Troy is home to a vibrant community of artists, outdoorsmen, entrepreneurs, and those who simply seek an escape from the frenetic pace of modern life. Our eclectic mix of residents makes us hard to define, but exciting to live amongst.

I would like to say so many things to that little blurb but this a positive-give-back type of blog, so let's just keep it there.

Some other little known things about Troy, MT are:

* As of 2012, the population of Troy was 962.

* 473 of that population is men, 489 is women.

* The estimated median income of Troy, MT is half of the state average which is $44,222. (To help you with your math that means Troy's average income is $22,111).

* As of July 2013, the unemployment rate for Troy, MT is over 13% (Here is more math at work; that means about 127 able bodied working age people are out of work in Troy, MT.This does not include children or those who are retired).

There are all kinds of aesthetic reasons to like Troy, MT.And good or bad, like or love it, Troy, MT is in need.This brings me to the crux of the whole blog:Often these families are in dire need.There are lots of single parent households, households that are trying to make it on one income, households where someone has an addiction, a mental health issue, etc.Troy used to have a mine and that mine made that town kind of an economic gold mine:it brought in money and it brought in people; it was a job.That mine shut down, actually they are closed "temporarily."This was a blow to many families who now can't leave Troy for whatever reason...those families have children, for some people in that community mining is what they know.

Since my dad passed away, I have thought to myself, "how am I going to get through the holidays without Dad?"I think I have come up with a way to not make the holidays about me but about others.Some of us live in large communities where it is common for the less fortunate to get a free holiday meal or help with Christmas but in a small community where a good chunk of the population is too proud to ask for help...well, they have been forgotten.So when we sit down to gorge ourselves on enormous amounts of food and watch football, play with the kids, be thankful for all we won't be that way for some.This year, I want to make it about Troy, MT.Everyone there should have a Thanksgiving, should have somewhere to go and someone to celebrate with...and that is my mission this year.If you want to donate your time, your resources or whatever into making sure that Troy, MT has a good holiday season....I have one family covered already and I want you guys to come through with as much as possible.
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