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Ace of Diamond - 01 - (Indifferent)

Arpeggio of Blue Steel- 01 - (Poor)

BlazBlue: Alter Memory - 02 - (Very Poor)

Meganebu - 01 - (Poor)

Miss Monochrome - 02 - (Indifferent)

Non Non Biyori - 01 - (Above Par) - Might pick back up

Outbreak Company - 01 - (Poor)

Super Seisyun Brothers - 01 - (Indifferent)

The Hired Gun - 02 - (Indifferent)

Tokyo Ravens - 01 - (Indifferent)

Unbreakable Sex Machine Doll - 01 - (Very Poor)

Walklure Romanze - 01 - (Awful)

Yowamushi Pedal - 02 - (Above Par)


DISHONORABLE SPOTLIGHT: DIABOLIK LOVERS - 01 - (GARBAGE) - You have rightly earned a placed with a repulsive score of one. Go burn in Hell, you misogynistic pile of shit

14. COPPELION - 04 - (VERY POOR) - So flippin' disappointed with this series. I think I've said it all in

13. STRIKE THE BLOOD - 04 - (VERY POOR) - The first episode was horrendous, but I decided to keep watching and I was amused with the proceeding two episodes for how stupid it was. Then episode four came along and instead of stupid fun, it became stupid stupid.

12. KYOUKAI NO KANATA - 02 - (POOR) - As I've said before, it's your typical Kyoto Animation crap masquerading as a fantasy series. The direction is weak, the dialogue is bad and the characters are one-note and annoying. I've heard it only gets worse, so yeah, I'm done with this.

11. LOG HORIZON - 02 - (POOR) - Boring. Boring, boring, boring. At least Sword Art Online had a good set-up where the world actually felt POPULATED! Log Horizon has three times the many people trapped in the game and yet it feels so God damn isolated.

10. NAGI NO ASUKARA - 03 - (ABOVE PAR) - Not a bad show. The conflict that arises from the diversity between the two races is pretty decent and the male lead actually became a viable dick rather than just an annoying dick, but at the same time nothing really pushes me to continue watching.


9. GALILEI DONNA - 04 - (ABOVE PAR) - My interest is waning. Can the story actually go somewhere? Aside from some well-written dialogue and an occasional charming moment between the sisters, everything else is becoming generic and stuck in an uninteresting rut.

8. GINGITSUNE - 04 - (ABOVE PAR) - Kinda on the fence about this. The chemistry between the Fox God and the female lead is nice, the supporting cast is interesting enough and the light hearted moments are cute. The problem is that the drama is pretty lame and the overall execution isn't the most exciting. I'll give it one or two more episodes.

7. GOLDEN TIME - 05 - (ABOVE PAR) - Also on the fence about this. I like the story. Essentially, it's a generic college romance, but it puts enough twists and uses its setting quite effectively. I would love reading the novel, but for an anime series, because of Chiaki Kon's terrible directing, it translates into a dull experience for the most part. Anything good from this series comes from the source material and not what's been put forth in motion. I'll be writing an editorial about this series next week.

6. KILL LA KILL - 05 - (ABOVE PAR) - I can respect this series, technically speaking, but its boisterous nature and monster-of-the-week formula aren't really hitting the right buttons for me. I do like the cast and they're fun enough for me to give this series a few more episodes.

5. YOZAKURA QUARTET: HANA NO UTA - 04 - (GOOD) - That fourth episode sucked a big one. Seriously? Way to shoehorn a pool scene for the first half of the episode and then have a shoddily directed second half of info dumping and action. Ah well, let's just hope they'll recover from that dip in quality cause the first three episodes were pretty great.

4. TEEKYUU - 04 - (GREAT) - Man, you guys all know what I think about this series. It's great, go watch it now.

3. SAMURAI FLAMENCO - 04 - (GREAT) - I really love the series' humor and how it naturally derives from the batty characters and the down-to-Earth situations at hand. Its mundane presentation of everyday life andits energetic presentation when it showcases our vigilantes fighting crime meshes really well and the whole ordeal has been a lot of fun.

2. KYOUSOUGIGA - 04 - (AWESOME) - The quirky unconventional directing, the batty storyline, the charming characters and the endearing amount of creativity and heart thrown into this series have really been tickling my fancy. I can see the ending becoming a mess though and I really hope that doesn't happen.

1. WHITE ALBUM 2 - 05 - (MASTERPIECE) - Five episodes in and I still find this series to be absolutely beautiful. It takes its generic love triangle shtick continues to form it into something emotional gripping with impeccable execution. It does the opposite of a crappy romance drama by letting moments speak for themselves rather than force-feeding every aspect. Yeah, I'm a bit of a sucker for this stuff, but like Kyousougiga, I just hope it doesn't devolve into a mess because if things end nicely it'll beat out my favorite high school romance, EF - A Tale of memories.
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