Friday, November 1, 2013

OS X Mavericks Is Now Installed On More Than 10% Of Macs, Smashing Mountain Lion's Adoption Rate

If Apple decided to make updates to its OS X operating system free in part to drive more rapid consumer uptake, it was a great decision: of its newoperating system has beaten adoption of the preceding Mountain Lion version by a large margin.

According to , OS X Mavericks is now installed on 0.84 percent of the global PC install base, or 10.8 percent of the total OS X install base of 7.73 percent. Mavericks accomplished that in 10 days. By comparison, according to Chikita, it took Mountain Lion a .

It's worth noting that Chikita reported Mavericks - data of this sort is somewhat imprecise. However, we can tell, by weighing both data sources, that Mavericks has enjoyed far more rapid adoption than preceding editions of OS X.

In real, or perhaps gross, terms, Mavericks has market share equivalent to essentially half of Windows 8.1 (an operating system that also launched in October), . Only Windows 8 users could update to Windows 8.1, giving the latter a market-share pool of roughly 8 percent. Mavericks, by contrast, could only draw from part of OS X's aggregate 7.73 percent market share, meaning there were fewer total machines that were able to move to Apple's new operating system. That explains why Windows 8.1 has grown its share more quickly, though the faster sales rate of Windows-based machines has certainly helped, as well.

However, , Mavericks is spanking Windows 8.1:

Apple's decision to make Mavericks free to anyone with a compatible Mac should certainly help its adoption. Available for just a few weeks, already one in ten Mac users is on 10.9; only one in 50 Windows users is in 8.1. Indeed, only one in ten Windows users is on Windows 8.x. Apple has done in a couple of weeks what Microsoft has only managed in a year.

Both companies can take heart in the numbers to a certain extent. What will be interesting to watch at the end of November will be the total converted percentage for both Mavericks and Windows 8.1, and whether there is anything that we can glean from that information.

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