Friday, November 1, 2013

October Favorites!

Hi everybody~How was your halloween? I spent it with a couple of friends and my boyfriend ^^ it was my very first Halloween party...intimate get together? Well, we watched Evil Dead, even though I spent the majority of the time hiding behind my hand in fear D: I don't like scary movies! They give me nightmares >< I'm a wimpy college student eheheh... ^^;;

Anyway, here are some of my October favorites!

We'll start off with music! Always a favorite to share with you guys~ I've been really into the happy sounding stuff~ Puts me in a much better mood!

First is Otsukimi Recital cover by JubyPhonic! The art style is so cute and the music is so upbeat and fun!

Second, if there are any bronies or pegasisters out there, Equestria Girls: Helping Twilight Win the Crown is one of my favorites. I like the message it sends out to people, that it's okay to be different, and everybody can get along. I love the sense of unity they put in it, just like I love how the community feels around Christmastime or when a baseball team goes to the world series, the community just seems to be in harmony. It's a good feeling and the song puts me in a good mood everytime I listen to it. Plus, I can't help but dance and shake my hooves! haha~

I started playing Pokemon Rangers Guardian Signs again, restarting my complete game. I got it a few years back for Christmas and finished it within the month. It's kind of fun restarting games again I already finished Pokemon Rangers Guardians of Almia twice...and had quite the crush on Keith =w= Anyway, playing rangers has been fun~ and it makes up for not having a 3ds and getting Pokemon XY -tears-

I haven't been very active lately, sorry! I've been busy with job applications and school >< Hopefully I'll have another manga or anime review up soon!

Until then, take care~! Hope you all had a good halloween!

Here's a Mio-shy and Ritsu-dash picture while I'm at it! ^^ Maybe I'll draw more of them later!

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