Saturday, November 2, 2013

NBC's 'The Voice' rankings: Why Cole Vosbury, Austin Jenckes are Blake Shelton favorites

We have told many a joke over the past few weeks about how Blake Shelton automatically has his name written on the trophy for the end but if we are being honest here, we have to say that the odds of him actually winning this season are pretty slim. There are some good singers on his team, but we're not feeling that any of them have that sort of winners' edit going for them right now. Then again, we also didn't think at this time in the spring that the favorite to win was going to be Danielle Bradbery, and she never really looked back from the moment the live shows started.

We're going to look at Blake's team right now in two different ways, since the results this week are going to be based on his own favorites coupled with who America votes for. There are some artists who almost certainly are good for another week or so, whereas others could be in trouble almost right away.

5. SHELBIE Z - She may have that country vote behind her, but Shelbie's performance have a few bad habits mixed in there from all of the pageant singing that she has done over the years. We just don't see her right now as a country recording artist.

4. NIC HAWK - This is a guy that is a complete wild card, maybe more than anyone else in the entire competition right now. He's definitely talented and very memorable, especially when it comes to him constantly hitting on Adam Levine. But we imagine that there are going to be people who love him, and then people who find his personality too over-the-top. Everyone who watches this show is going to have an opinion on him.

3. RAY BOUDREAUX - This is a guy who's had some screen time and has done a pretty good job. Blake clearly likes him, since he has made it this far in the competition without there needing to be any steal at all to get him here. But are viewers going to remember him? He's probably the least memorable of this entire team full of big, distinctive people.

2. AUSTIN JENCKES - He is Blake's country golden boy right now, and he's got that sort of everyman look that viewers tend to love. We don't quite imagine that he will be a superstar after the show, but he has a shot at winning this show since he is probably the one artist on Blake's team who is the most like his coach.

1. COLE VOSBURY - There may be a little bit of bias here for a few reasons, including that we loved that he was bold enough to audition to the "Jeffersons" theme song, that he looks like a singer combined with one of the stars of "Duck Dynasty," and his performance of "Let Her Go" was our favorite of the entire season. We don't know just what sort of music he would put out if he wins this season, and the prospect of that quite frankly has us excited.

Who is your favorite right now? Share in the comments below, and be sure to also for Team Adam Levine.
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