Monday, November 4, 2013

Named unusual factors affecting the excitement

A group of British scientists conducted a study commissioned by domestic brand Mecca to determine factors that affect sexual desire in both women and men.

Doctors found very unusual things, among which the main point is weight loss. It should be noted that women increased libido, as soon as they leave hateful kilograms. Similarly react to them and the men - they like grown thin women.

The three reasons for the sex wonderful floors were called the win and clean bed linen.

And men are stronger just feel sexual attraction after a party with friends. About 30% of them go back home and have sex with their halves, which at this time are waiting for them at home.

Also guys very much excites the joint cleaning, driving a sports car and win their favorite sports team.

Sexologist Tracey Cox notes that the win - money, a favorite team, karaoke, absolutely in any sphere - it noticeably increases the level of happiness that provokes intimate joy.
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