Friday, November 15, 2013

MUSIC: ALUNAGEORGEActually I found them while I was scrolling down my YouTube page. And I am glad I did. They're from London (which I love :P )The girl Aluna Francis is the one singing and writing the songs and George Reid is the one who produce and do the instrumentation. For me, they're very good. For example the two songs that I'm listening nonstop are "You Know You Like It" and "Best Be Believing". If you like minimalistic indie/pop kind of music (or something like that), they are for you, and if not well at least give them a try.TV: AMERICAN HORROR STORYI've been loving AHS since season 1, and let me tell you that it is one of the best tv series for my opinion. And season 3 is all about the witches! When (yes, the creator of glee) announced that this season was going to be about them I jumped out of my bed of excitement because it's a favorite topic of mine. All the witchcraft or should I say Bitchcraft, all the powers, the potions, the mystery, could I ask for more! Well, maybe haha but as the season pass I'm loving it more and more! And I am obsessed with Emma Robert's character. I seriously recommend it! Besides you don't need to see the previous seasons. So what are you waiting for!CLOTHES: UNIF UCK OFF TEE As you all know, one of my favorite brand of clothing of all times is none other than the fabulous Unif. I swear if I were rich I would have every single piece of everything (except the dresses, the heels and that lady stuff haha). So, I always want it but never got the strength to pay $70 dlls for it. BUT! When I saw it at none other than 20 FUCKING DOLLARS let me tell you that I did not heisted for a second! I immediately went for it! I mean can you believe it 20 dlls for a Unif tee haha I'm still super exited and finally I have it on my hands :) So let the Unif stuff keep them coming please!

P.S. I am going to make, starting for now, my "month" favorites, Because theres a lot of things happening right now so stay tuned :)

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